14. Calming the beast within.

I watched in the clear distance as recognition dawned upon Kristrin's face, his demeanor going hard as his gaze shifted between Sebastian and I.

The crowd went silent as whispers could be heard about what's happening.

Why was he looking so angry and most importantly why the hell was he looking at me?

The game continued to halt as Kristrin would not move from his spot. His team mates kept trying to remove him but he was adamant not to move while glaring directly at me.

My anxiety going off the roof as I and everyone was anxiously waiting to see his next move.

"Anna I think now would be a good time to take off that jacket of yours" Maria whispered to me.

I was frozen in my seat unable to move, not wanting the crowd to look at me move.

Was that the problem? Me wearing another jersey?

I then saw him turn to Kyle talking then turn back to look in my direction. The first move he made, everyone gasped, it was like a movie as everyone anticipated the next move.

His coach kept calling but he
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I hate how she acting like she don’t know y he angry like what

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