16. Regretful Thinking.

"Why does my head feel it's been through hell and back" I groaned holding it delicately.

"Young lady you have a lot of explaining to do" mom said holding a cup of water and two pills that I took from her.

"What happened?"

"Well you got drunk and thankfully Mr Slovac's son had brought you home"

"He did!" I cringed in pain looking discreetly at mom as she did the same as well.

"Yes and fortunately for you, your grounded for a week"

"What? That's absurd I'm almost eighteen"

"Exactly your not eighteen and your lucky I was able to talk your father out of giving you a month instead"

I groaned slipping back into bed "This is the second time you've gotten into trouble and I know that your almost an adult but I hope that's not the life your planning on living" she said.

"No mom never I don't even remember consuming alcohol at that party" I recalled from what happened last night.

"Hun your drink could've been spiked at any given moment and as for Steff I'm very disappointed in him" she took m
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Jacqueline Cunningham
Seriously! He just met her the night before, but he had time to go buy a bracelet and get it engraved ...

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