46. Why?

"Yessssss baby work that body!" I screamed as Kristin posed in my baby pink crop top I had forcefully made him wear.

His toned chiseled chest and hair let loosely down his handsome face and a pink lips gloss to go with it made him look exactly like a girl I giggled. He was the most cutest!

I quickly took out my phone snapping multiple pictures of him in different angles, making him groan of both humiliation and frustration.

He then did something surprising that had my mouth agape. Kristin turned his ass to my direction and clapped his ass while biting his fingers.

By this time I was crawling on the floor dying of laughter. What did he just do!

"You like that don't you?" he flirted seductively and that had me doubling over with laughter even more. My stomach was now in cramps. This was of course a different side of him that I'd never seen before and I loved it!

This was definitely not my bad boy but a more playful and relaxed Kristin. I'd never get use to his surprises.

We were curren
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