Chapter 3

  "Xian Xian, it's so good to see you." She said and hugged him. Xian Xian was the pet name she had given him back then.

  "Who's she?" The lady sitting asked. "She was my classmate back in high school." Lu Xianjian told the lady. Yin Mian frowned,why would he just introduce her as just an old classmate, their relationship was more than that. "I'll leave you both then, I'm sure you have a lot to catch up on." The lady said and left.

  "Xian Xian, how have you been? I have to admit you've improved quite a lot. You look more handsome and refined." Yin Mian said as she released him from her embrace. "I can say the same for you, you've changed too. You look stunning." Lu Xianjian replied. "You don't know how I've missed you. The six years that have gone by have been hell for me without you but all that is in the past now as long as I have you in my arms, that's all that matters." Yin Mian said, hugging him again. "We shouldn't be doing this." Lu Xianjian said abruptly, breaking out of her embrace. "What do you mean?" Yin Mian was confused. Lu Xianjian went up to her, held her hand and as softly as he could, said. "Yin Mian, it's good to see you again, it really is nice but the truth is I don't love you."

  "What?!" Yin Mian exclaimed, removing her hands from his. "Please calm down and understand that I don't love you. I love Andrea, she's my fiancée." Lu Xianjian said, looking away. "Xian Xian don't play such nasty pranks on me. Please tell me you love me, tell me you're joking. Just tell me, please say it. I'm begging you." Yin Mian said in tears, holding his neatly ironed suit.

  "Yin Mian, come to your senses, don't cry so much. I really wish I was joking but I'm not, I don't love you. I only love Andrea and that's it." Lu Xianjian said plainly as he removed her hand from his suit.

  "So what you're saying is that all the time we spent together was a lie,was it all a game to you? Xian Xian don't you remember that day?For goodness sake we have a daughter and now you're telling me they were all beautiful lies." Yin Mian said, still in tears.

  "Yin Mian I never loved you and what happened between us was a mistake. If I do have a daughter as you claimed, Andrea would be more than happy to be her mother. At that time,we were not in love. No it wasn't love, it was only teenage infatuation and I've gotten over it. I suggest you should too. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some work to do." He said and she ran out of the office in tears.

  Yin Mian ran out of the office in tears, Hua Vao ran after her and tried to find out what was wrong but Yin Mian took her by surprise and she couldn't keep up. Yin Mian kept remembering what Lu Xianjian had told her. He had said to her face that all the sacrifices she had made for him were nothing. He had told her that everything they shared in the past, even their daughter, was a lie, an illusion. He regarded everything simply as teenage infatuation and nothing more. Was this really happening? She couldn't take it.

  She had absolutely no idea when in her traumatic state, she ran into the road and she got hit by a car. She fell on the road and her head bled, the pain in her heart seemed to overshadow the one she felt on her body. She saw stars in the daylight and in the stars,she saw herself and Lu Xianjian together and a girl who she imagined was her daughter. They seemed happy and she smiled in her subconscious, she didn't care if she was hallucinating, for she yearned for the picture to be reality but the stars began to disappear and she blanked out.

  Yin Mian opened her eyes and saw Hua Vao and then she realized everything seemed different. "Where am I?"Yin Mian asked, holding her head as she tried to sit up. "You're in the hospital, you had an accident. Thank goodness you're awake." Hua Vao said and heaved a sigh of relief. "I see you're awake.", A deep masculine voice boomed. It was Chen Qiangu, the owner of the biggest business empire in the country.

  " Who are you?" Yin Mian asked, she was unaware, she was not a sucker for news. The only things she watched were cartoons and Lu Xianjian's movies. Although she was all grown up, it seemed she still had a kid's mentality. Huo Vao was surprised at Yin Mian's ignorance. President Chen walked up to her and held her chin and in his sexy voice said." I saved your life."

  "You hit me with your car and then take me to the hospital. You're not exactly the Knight in shining armour you're portraying yourself to be." Yin Mian was blunt. "You know I still saved your life, if I wanted I could have just left you there." He said with a smirk. "Mister, you're not above the law, you know. I'm not someone you can walk all over,I know my rights and I also know you don't have the right whatsoever to hit a person with your car and just leave." Yin Mian argued

  "Oh! You seem to be blaming me for saving your life. Tell me what the hell you were thinking when you walked into the road like that. You're not blind and you appear educated, so why would a grown woman like you run into the road without looking." Chen Qiangu reprimanded. Yin Mian immediately remembered the words of Lu Xianjian and she did not realise when tears fell down her cheeks.

  "Miss I'm so sorry if I hurt you by any chance, at times I tend to act rashly." He apologized. Yin Mian realized that she had been too harsh and that he was a real gentleman but just how could she tell him he wasn't the reason for her tears. Her selfish ex-boyfriend and father to her lost daughter who she had made countless sacrifices for had actually deserted her after waiting for so long, she felt like she had wasted her life.

  "Apology accepted but you're not the reason for my tears." Yin Mian said. Chen Qiangu passed her a tissue. "But can I be the one to wipe away your tears?" He asked and cleaned her tears with his handkerchief. "Miss I have an offer for you, just take it as part of my apology." Chen Qiangu said. "What is it?" She asked. "I want to marry you." Chen Qiangu demanded.

  "Pardon? Wait! You want me to marry you when I know nothing about you. I don't even know your name." Yin Mian said surprised.

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