Chapter 44

  Yin Mian and Hua Vao waiting outside of the emergency room. Hua Vao sat patiently while Yin Mian paced up and down, unable to calm herself no matter how hard she tried.

  "Yin Mian, please calm down, worrying like this won't solve anything. I promise you that President Chen will be fine. He is a fighter and won't give up so easily." Hua Vao tried to comfort her friend.

  Yin Mian sighed and paused, the adrenaline rush never stopping. She slumped on the hospital bench and heaved, bringing her hand to her temple and massaging it tiredly due to the terrible headache that was racking her brain.

  She was just about to speak when the doctor arrived and she stood up instantly to accost the doctor, her heart rate accelerating by the minute. "Doctor, how's my husband? Please tell me he's OK." Yin Mian pleaded and the doctor managed a small smile.

  "Mrs Chen please calm down, your husband is fine, we've been able to stabilize his condition. It is a good thing that you brought him to the hosp
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