Meet you again

Meet you again

By:  Favour Bademosi  Ongoing
Language: English
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Yin Mian is a beautiful but daring girl who is compassionate to meet her heartthrob, Lu Xianjian. They had a silly high school affair which ended up having a child after Lu Xianjian's departure to America to study. With no way to contact her sweet love, Yin Mian has to keep hope alive. She is waiting for him. Six years pass by quickly. There are so many unexpected events occurring especially the loss of their daughter. Finally, Lu Xianjian returned as the king of entertainment. He is not back alone. He comes with a woman who claims to be his fiancée. Yin Mian sees her hopes and dreams shattering in her face? Could her beautiful time with Lu Xianjian have been a lie or the sad past she needed desperately to forget and move on?

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46 Chapters
Chapter 1
  Lu Xianjian and Yin Mian had been high school sweethearts. It was no news to their friends and classmates. Yin Mian's parents had not been in agreement with their relationship because Lu Xianjian was poor. His mother was sick, he had three younger siblings and his father had disappeared when he was little.  He worked and attended school at the same time, it was not easy for him but he still managed to be a more than an average student. Lu Xianjian and Yin Mian had started off on the wrong foot, they had actually been enemies until one fateful day. Lu Xianjian had not liked Yin Mian because he had thought her to be one of those rich brats who used money to pave their way and steal the rights of the poor away from them. His mind had been made up about her on a particular day when he was supposed to be given the post of class president but instead, it was given to her. He felt she did not merit it and that the teacher only gave the post to her because she was rich but the truth was she
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Chapter 2
  She came down from the car and went straight to her room. It seemed strange that she was missing her baby, her heart was beating fast and wouldn't rest till she had seen and carried her daughter in her arms. She reached her room and went to the bed but all that she saw was an empty blanket, "Where's my baby?'' She asked no one in particular. Just then, her mother walked in. "Don't worry Yin Mian,your baby is safe and in capable hands." Her mother said. "What do you mean?where's my daughter?" Yin Mian questioned. "She has been put in an orphanage far away and I just received news that she has been adopted." Yin Mian's mother replied.  "Mother, what do you mean, tell me you're joking." Yin Mian said, trying not to let the tears fall. "My darling Mian, I'm not one to make such jokes. I put your daughter in a far away orphanage and just received a call telling me she's been adopted. Don't worry she's really in good hands, I assure you." Yin Mian's mother said. Yin Mian fell on her knees
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Chapter 3
  "Xian Xian, it's so good to see you." She said and hugged him. Xian Xian was the pet name she had given him back then.  "Who's she?" The lady sitting asked. "She was my classmate back in high school." Lu Xianjian told the lady. Yin Mian frowned,why would he just introduce her as just an old classmate, their relationship was more than that. "I'll leave you both then, I'm sure you have a lot to catch up on." The lady said and left.  "Xian Xian, how have you been? I have to admit you've improved quite a lot. You look more handsome and refined." Yin Mian said as she released him from her embrace. "I can say the same for you, you've changed too. You look stunning." Lu Xianjian replied. "You don't know how I've missed you. The six years that have gone by have been hell for me without you but all that is in the past now as long as I have you in my arms, that's all that matters." Yin Mian said, hugging him again. "We shouldn't be doing this." Lu Xianjian said abruptly, breaking out of her
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Chapter 4
  Hua Vao, who had been watching the drama in suspense, spoke. "Yin Mian how could you be so ignorant. At times you surprise me, this is Chen Qiangu the current CEO of Chen united group of companies. I'm sorry for the trouble we've caused you president Chen." Hua Vao apologized. "It's no problem." President Chen accepted. "I'm asking you to marry me, it could actually be a contract marriage. My family have been on my trail concerning my marriage and I'm sure you can also benefit from this marriage. There must be something you want, just name it and it's yours. Think about it,I'll wait outside." Chen Qiangu said and left.  "Before we talk about what just happened, I want you to tell me what happened while you were in Lu Xianjian's office. You just ran out in tears and before I knew it, you got into an accident. You have to tell me what happened, did he say something to upset you?" Hua Vao questioned.  Yin Mian sighed and told her everything that had transpired between Lu Xianjian and
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Chapter 5
  The people kept staring at them thinking she was crazy and when he could no longer take the embarrassing looks, he had to leave. The lady wasn't at all perturbed and just kept following saying he could test her all he wanted because she was ready to do anything.  The ladies he had been forced to meet up with didn't want to marry him because he was Chen Qiangu, a handsome lad but because he was President Chen, the current CEO of Chen united group of companies.  Yin Mian was the only lady who had made a difference and that was why he immediately liked her and decided to marry her.  The next morning, Chen Qiangu woke up and found Yin Mian out of bed. He had a bath and dressed up neatly.He went down and was surprised to see the table full of sumptuous meals, many of which were his favourites. "Good morning, so you're finally awake." Yin Mian greeted as she put the last dish of tuna soup on the table. "Good morning, wow! The table looks fit for royalty. Did you have the workers prepare
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Chapter 6
  "Of course I'm jealous, I can't bear the thought of seeing you up so close with another man much more, Lu Xianjian who happens to be your ex." Chen Qiangu explained. "But my dear President Chen, you'll just have to, I'm really sorry. One thing is for sure, that I'll always be yours,so rest assured." Yin Mian said and kissed him on the lips. It was a passionate kiss,and it took Chen Qiangu by surprise. As soon as she broke from his lips, she quickly left to avoid any questions from him.  Yin Mian got there, to the venue and walked out of the car and into the building majestically. She looked so stunning in appearance that whispers about her were going on. "Who is she? Do you think she's part of the cast? She looks quite sophisticated, do you think she's among the directors?" A lady asked her friend. "I don't think so. If she were a director, I would most definitely know her but I don't think I've seen her." The other lady said.  "Miss Yin, it's so nice to see you, you're looking so
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Chapter 7
  Yin Mian felt so confused, what was she to do,she completely had no clue.He dragged her so close to himself and stared deeply into her eyes as if he was searching for the answer in them. Yin Mian stared back and felt her heart melt for him,he was her first love after all but then she saw something else,something like a reminder. She immediately remembered the day he had rejected her and sent her out of his office, how miserable and heartbroken she had been until she met her angel,the wonderful President Chen. He was the one who had supported her,given her a new life and added meaning to her life.  Her heart immediately hardened against the man standing in front of her, he was a pretender after all. She then found her courage and looked Lu Xianjian straight in the eyes and said. "I'm not in love with you and I never will fall in love with you, get this straight right here,right now." Lu Xianjian was shocked but didn't let the expression last long on his face. Yin Mian thought he was
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Chapter 8
  The windscreen winded down and lo and behold! It was Lu Xianjian. "Hello flower, need a ride?" Lu Xianjian asked. "No thanks." She refused and walked forward. The car followed her. "I suggest you get in now,as you can see,a storm is coming soon." Lu Xianjian advised. "Just please leave me alone." Yin Mian said walking away, the rain was slowly increasing.  "Let me help you, I kind of overreacted in the shoot and this is my way of apologizing." Lu Xianjian said. "I said no,don't you understand? No means No." Yin Mian said, turning away. Lu Xianjian winded up and drove off. The rain immediately increased so much that she was soaked from head to toe. She would have gotten into the car but the driver had locked the car and carried the keys.  Soon she was feeling cold,and she regretted not taking Lu Xianjian's offer. Just then, a car came up ahead. It was Lu Xianjian again. "Now flower, do you need a ride?" Lu Xianjian asked once more. Yin Mian, regretting she had no other option, grudg
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Chapter 9
  That night they had romantic sex with love.  In the process of their dance that was as old as history itself, maybe subconsciously, she had called out Lu Xianjian's name, shocking Chen Qiangu.  He stopped, he felt offended. How could she be sleeping with him but yet be thinking of Lu Xianjian, it just wasn't proper. He decided he was going to have to sit her down the next morning and get the truth from her, what exactly happened that day? He wanted to know.  Yin Mian woke up with a splitting headache and pains all over her body. Only then did she realise what had happened, she started crying like a baby. "President Chen, why did you do this to me? Why did you take advantage of me? I thought we were friends, you've only been acting as a gentleman but as soon as you got one chance, you went ahead to take advantage of me, I couldn't believe you." She wailed. "This is not a movie you know, stop being such a drama queen." Chen Qiangu retorted, he still felt a bit sleepy.  "Now you're
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Chapter 10
  She had wanted to tell Lu Xianjian that she was happily married and he should leave her alone.  The shoot was starting, she did her makeup and left the dressing room, Lu Xianjian also did the same. Princess Suying was a troublesome girl and she had promised herself she would make Prince Yanxun regret his decision of forcing her to marry him against her will.  Immediately after the marriage, she hurt herself on purpose to avoid the wedding night. The royal physician was called and she was treated and told to rest. The next day, she went to the kitchen, sent the maids on errands and ruined the food that was prepared for Prince Yanxun, she added almost the whole jar of chilli powder into the food.  She took the food herself to Prince Yanxun. "Husband, I've brought your food." She told him. He smiled, "Bring it here." He said and she brought it before him. She sat down beside him,smiling mischievously and waiting for the drama to unfold.  Prince Yanxun ate only a little of the food a
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