Chapter 13

  The result is positive.Yin Mian could not believe it. The daughter she had been searching for all along was right under her nose,in her own house. It was almost unbelievable. She thought her eyes were deceiving her and she read the results again but it showed that both their DNAs matched perfectly. This was a dream come true,she had actually wished for a daughter that was exactly like Wei Yiren but it turned out Yiren was her own daughter all along.

  She went to Yiren with tears in her eyes and told her the truth. "Yiren don't call me auntie anymore, call me mum." Yin Mian said in tears. "Mum? But why?" Wei Yiren asked. "Because I'm your mum, I gave birth to you and I lost you when you were still a baby. Someone put you in an orphanage where you were adopted and later kidnapped by that wicked lady,she's not your mum. In fact, she's not related to you at all." Yin Mian explained. "But why didn't you tell me?" Yiren asked. "I just found out, dear but will you trust me and come home wi
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