Chapter 16

  The next morning, while the men were sleeping, she tried to untie herself but the rope was too tight. She finally decided she had no other option, she had to hurt herself. She hit her head against the wall until she began bleeding from the side of her head and then she screamed. "Ouch! Wake up you psychos,I'm hurt. My head is bleeding, I feel really dizzy and faint." The men woke up and saw Yiren bleeding. "Oh no! Bring a first aid box and some medicine. If the boss finds out, we'll be in serious trouble." One of the kidnappers said to the others.

  "Hai go get the first aid and medicine while Duyi go get some food for her." Chang,the first kidnapper who had spoken before, said. The other two left to go do their errands while Chang kept a close eye on Yiren. "Oh! I'm fainting, my head hurts. Why are those fools taking so long? When your boss comes, I'm going to report all of you to her." Chen Yiren complained.

  You don't have to be so nasty,they are on their way."Chang told her. "My
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