Chapter 20

  "What do you mean by that? I know you and I have our differences but pretending not to know me is not cool." He said and moved closer to her. "Go away! Stay away from me or I'll scream. Help me! Someone help me!" She screamed and the doctor came in. "Please help me, this man. I don't know who he is and he's trying to come close to me." Yin Mian told the doctor. "Doctor, what is wrong with her? Why is she acting this way?" Lu Xianjian asked the doctor, he was confused.

  "Mr Lu, I suggest you step outside for a bit,I'll join you soon." The doctor said, and Lu Xianjian left the room. About twenty minutes later, the doctor took Lu Xianjian to his office and explained the situation. "Doctor what's wrong with her?" Lu Xianjian couldn't help but ask. "Mr Lu, please calm down and let me explain. You see,your wife is suffering from Amnesia. That is,memory loss. Due to the serious head injury, her brain was affected and she's lost her memory completely. She has no memory of you or anything el
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