Chapter 40

  He threw them a menacing stare before finally speaking. "You idiots, how could you be so foolish? How could you have let him escape? Your one foolish mistake could have ruined my whole plan." He yelled at them, the rage apparent on his face.

  "We're sorry boss but he turned out to be smarter than we anticipated." One of the men by the name of Jing said.

  Liu Shaojie glared at them before suddenly taking on an amused smirk.

  "It's my fault entirely for entrusting such an important task to you fools. There's four of you and only one of him yet you still couldn't handle him. You're all lucky I'm in a good mood or else I would have dealt very badly with all of you.

  Thankfully, it'll be over today and I won't need your pathetic services anymore." Liu Shaojie said and walked past them and further into the warehouse.

  It was huge and was surrounded mainly by old cardboard boxes, bad equipment and dust.

  He finally arrived where his older brother was tied up like an animal and he smil
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