Chapter 45

  Liu Shaojie arrived at his foster mother's home, all smiles. He had finally accomplished his mission here, he had succeeded in ruining the Chen family and it turned out to be much easier than he had anticipated.

  He entered the mansion with the documents in his hands and the Maids greeted him. He replied to them since he was in such a good mood. He then sent one of the maids to inform Liu Jing Xuelo that he had arrived.

  His foster mother soon arrived in the sitting room, walking gracefully to meet the man who she regarded as nothing but a pawn.

  "Good morning mum." He greeted her with a smile but she practically ignored him and went straight to the question that was on her mind.

  "Is the job done?" She questioned. "Yes, I've finally done it mother. I've tricked the Chen family into signing all their property over to you. Now it's all in your name, even their houses." Liu Shaojie said and handed the property document to her.

  She opened them and inspected them and a huge smile
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