Chapter Nine

“What did she do exactly?” I asked, now worried, if she gave away any of our secrets, our whole team would be put on trial and judged.

“I don’t know if she broke any laws per se, she disappeared for a while last night and didn’t tell anyone where she went to.”

“So, she did what you guys did to us?” I asked, breathing a sign of relief.

“Yeah, but when she returned, she was acting differently.”

“Differently how?”

“More reserved and less like herself, it was as if someone else had taken over her body.”

“Keep an eye on her and tell me if you notice anything else, okay?”

Hetha nodded and headed back to her tent.

“Great, now we have to worry about what she is up to; she was difficult to deal with before.” Thana fumed.

“Hopefully, it is nothing we have to worry about.” I put in.

Reva was the newest to our squad, having been with us for only about fifty years. Reva and I butted heads a lot, she had challenged me more than once to be the leader of our squad, every time I had won and a
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