Embrace The Light

Embrace The Light

By:  Cassandra Davy  Completed
Language: English
6 ratings
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"Walt..." I looked at him, my hand trailed his chest. I was biting my lip, I need him. It felt like I need him to make me forget. It felt like a familiar thing to do. But I still wasn't sure that he wanted us to happen the way it was intended to. Then he cupped my jaw and kissed me. His lips touched mine, his facial hair tickled my face softly. I was opening my lips, as his thumb stroked my cheek. "You need to stop me, Flo, we shouldn't be doing this." He whispered hoarsely in my ear. Flo was abused and misused by her parents because of her ability to see the future and see the dead. Until one day she runs away and finds herself in Walter's protection. She had all the right feelings for him, but he kept pushing her away until she finally left. Then he realized that he needed her more than he knew. Walter had been let down by the universe over and over again. He had to rebuild himself from his lowest moments several times already. He was trying to be strong, and he was finally happy for the first time in his life, only to be fucked up majorly as fate decided to take his wife's life before their first anniversary. He was rebuilding the tallest wall he had ever made, but Flo slowly tearing it apart and making him doubt himself. Will he finally have a happy ending, or will fate screw him again?

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Martyna Rainer
Love it! Your novels are so easy and interesting to read😍👍👍👍
2021-06-23 04:57:19
default avatar
Great story!!!
2021-05-18 04:53:07
default avatar
Enjoyed to the end thank you
2021-05-17 06:20:31
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Dahlia Gantuangco
One hell of a ride, love it
2021-02-27 12:57:50
user avatar
Lilian Mizsei
I enjoyed this book.
2021-02-24 07:15:10
default avatar
jennifer reece
Love it so much
2021-02-06 01:49:30
38 Chapters
1. Runaway
Oh my god...Oh my god...Oh my god...I'm freaking doing this
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2. The Gift
Two months later"Mother please..." She slapped me again."You ungrateful daughter! As long as you live under our roof and eat our food. You will do as we say. You
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3. Hospitalized
Damn...my body hurts like hell...I slowly opened my eyes, I didn't know why but I just had to look that way, which was to the far end of the r
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4. Him
I've had always hated hospitals, there were too many wandering spirits. The emergency doctor told me, that I could leave the next day or the day after. It would all depend on the assessment of the psychiatrist, that I'd be meeting in the next few hours."But I don't have money to pay for all of this? Maybe I should leave now? I'm good, I'll think of something." I was seriously nervous about the hospital bill.
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5. Being Watched
He was warm and enlightening at the same time. I didn't know how to better explained his energy. It flowed throughout my body, as he slowly hovered his palm above mine.I was feeling better, by the time Maggie came back with the glass of water. She was looking in a bit of a hurry when she says. "Dr. Hayes, do you mind escorting Florence back to her room? the other nurses needed my assistance for the patient who had just attacked her."
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6. The Shelter
"Morning Flo, please come in. Thank You Maggie..." he ushered me to sit on the chair, while he closed the door after Maggie said her goodbye."So, I heard that you have a room waiting for you at the shelter?""Yes, and they seem nice. I'll take anything than to get back to my parents, and this w
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7. Needing Him
"What are you doing here my child?" her old shaky raspy voice woke me up. I slowly opened my eyes and looked to my left where her voice was coming from, and there she was laying down beside me. Her wrinkled face, her rotten teeth her dark eyes facing me, her nails scraped my bare arm as she was touching me.I was terrified, my tears flowed, I was trying to get up from my dream. It felt like a dream, I couldn't smell her, I was safe, it was a dream, I just had to wake up.
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8. Getting too close
Walter's POVThe next morning I felt her hand trailing from my chest, then down to under the blanket. She was kissing my neck, making me smile.
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9. Being Let Go
The session was about to end, I was looking for Walter. But he hadn't come back since he left the meeting half an hour ago."Hey, so...some of us is going for a coffee after this. You want to come?" Ralph asked me, he had been flirting with me since Walt seated me next to him. I was getting a bit uncomfortable around him.
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10. Ghost Land
His voice sounded far, I could hear him calling out my name. But I was truly upset with him, all I wanted was to get away from him.Her voice then calling me closer, as I walked into her world. I could feel myself getting into a different realm. I had never experienced this before. It was all new for me. I feel nervous, yet curious at the same time.
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