Chapter 125


I'm toweling myself, aware of Shirley's eyes sticking to my body like glue. They are widening by the second, colored in a lovely shade of green. Emeralds that reflect something like horror or mortification.

I frown. "Why are you looking at me like that?" I preferred it when she was drooling, but now she just seems freaked out.

"Because..." Shirley wet her lips. Her eyes dart away from me, but they are back just as quick. It's like she can't help herself from looking, which is endearing. "Shouldn't you be putting clothes on?"

I lift an eyebrow at her question, smiling faintly. "Why? You have seen everything already, and we just had sex."

"Yes, but it was a one-time gig," Shirley makes this gurgling sound when she realizes I'm hard again. "Oh god, could you... Beautiful cock... I mean, I mean, you should hide that thing!"

A wider smile spreads over my lips.

I find Shirley's reddening cheeks cute, and the way she can't look away from my naked body? I could stand here all day pret
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Joliann OwenJaeger
Very short chapter ...
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Queen Harley
Now after the dates and realizing emotionally and mentally u want Shirley and Shirley stops the but ur my sister ex husband the. Worry about the celebrity aspect hopefully that’s after the baby not before the baby
goodnovel comment avatar
Queen Harley
Ok Zane one issue at a time first the ex wife yes u guys both need to have that sit down and draw the line the end next thank u for speaking up on what ur feeling for Shirley yes sex is great but I think u need to actually try taking her on a date see if it’s more than physical

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