Death Among the Dandelions

Death Among the Dandelions

By:  Sorrynotsorry29  Completed
Language: English
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Alice Smith was leaving behind the sunny skies of America to start a new hopeful life in England. She was planning to go to a new school, meet new friends and make her family and America proud. When she gets the invitation to join the school gardening club, she decided to give it a shot to see if was her thing or not. That was when she came face to face with the most manipulative (and the hottest) girl in the school; Emilia Campbell. Soon after that, she found herself tangled in a web of blackmail and lies, with no mean of escape. Then when one prank escalates too far, Alice begins to wonder if moving to England was a good idea after all...

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What an intruding blurb! keep it up author!
2022-03-27 02:38:27
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Great book, great storyline, great characters
2021-01-05 04:54:33
34 Chapters
Prologue- 14th June
A/N: Before you read this book, first of all, thank you so much for picking up this book. It means everything to me :) Second of all, the cover was created by my amazing friend Lily. Go follow and support her Wattpad account; @Lilypadsxfrogs. And finally, this story does touch lightly on the triggering topic, suicide. Please re
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Chapter 1- Welcome Home
Alice Smith looked out of the plane window; her eyes wide with sorrow. The sky was a murky grey and little splatters of rain were pouring endlessly from above, showing no means of stopping soon. Her eyes could make out maintenance workers scurrying back and forth from down below, frantically doing final checks to see if the plane was in working order. She could see the latecomers racing up the steps, looking stressed and worried, carrying odd handbags and young children. She didn'
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Chapter 2- The Shopping Trip
Alice was starting to settle into her new life in England. As the days ticked by, she was starting to get used to the chilly, British, September weather and the constant pitter-patter of rain."It's not always raining," Her Dad had told her at the dinner table once, "In the Summer, the weather is usually quite sunny and warm. The rainy spells are predicted to end soon, I hope."Alice feverishly hoped so too. She was aching to explore more of Lon
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Chapter 3- An Awkward bus ride
There was a moment of stunned silence. "I-I-I- Pardon?" Alice stammered. One look at Emilia's angry face informed Alice that she wasn't joking around. "You heard me," Emilia snarled back, "Ray's mine. We've been dating for four months." 
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Chapter 4- Lauren Adams
Just as the bus 52 was about to pull out of the bus stop and begin making it's way to West Bridge, an ear-splitting screech bellowed out from the streets. Alice turned her head so sharply, she was almost certain that she had broken her neck. She saw a schoolgirl, wearing the exact uniform as Alice was, sprinting alongside the city's pavements to catch the bus. "Wait! Wait! Wait!!! I'm coming!" She was yelling, her ponytail flying wildly behind her. The bus driver let out a weak ch
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Chapter 5- The Gardening Club
Lauren wrapped her arms around Alice and pulled her into a hug. "It's going to fine, nobody will judge you..." She whispered, feebly trying to comfort Alice. "Look, we're only about five paces away from the building. You can't turn back now..." Lauren's hand closed around Alice's wrist once more, and she started dragging her into the school. Alice realized that Lauren
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Chapter 6- The First Meeting
 A/N: Hello there readers,If any of you have Wattpad, please go an give a follow to KHowardisasmolbean. She is an amazing human being and is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. 
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Chapter 7- The Dandelion
 The three of them completed their journey to the gardening club in utter silence. Alice wasn't bothered much by that though- she was too concentrated on learning her route around the school. And pondering over why Juliet and Lauren were acting suspiciously. Juliet stopped outside of a classroom that had the letters W07. She took in a deep breath and lifted her hand to knock soundly on the door. In mere seconds, the door was flung open by Gwen, who looked deeply troubled by something. 
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Chapter 8- Just "Friends"
As soon as Emilia's fingers brushed against Alice's hand, she could feel a sizzle of electricity pass between both of them. Alice could remember feeling Emilia's soft, yielding hand in hers, and she liked it. Emilia rested her free hand on Alice's chin and lifted it, stroking the surface of her skin with her stubble fingers. Alice craned her neck to look into Emilia's eyes, absorbing in all of her beauty. 
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Chapter 9- A Day In Town
 The next day rolled along. When Alice pushed back her covers, the sun was shining powerfully in the sky. She smiled and leapt to her feet, preparing herself for the next day of school.Now she knew it wasn't as scary, she found herself happy and motivated for the upcoming school day- something which she hadn't felt in ages.
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