9. Purchased Again

As the staff pulled me in the direction of the Alpha’s private chambers, I couldn’t help the the slither of fear that ran through my spine. It bothered me to leave Jessy alone with the pervert Gamma but I knew I couldn’t exactly ask for her to be brought with me.

The pain of my injuries were the last thing on my mind even as the staff held tightly the sore spots with no pity.

They dragged me through the floor and the thin material of the dress I had been put in, wasn’t enough to protect me from the harshness of the wooden floors.

“You’ve only been purchased for less than two hours and you’re already getting off on the wrong foot with all the authorities.” One of the staff said, cutting a look of disgust at me.

“This one wouldn’t last the month wherever she’s taken. She will either be returned or flogged to death.” The other chipped in and I bowed my head in shame.

Their words were true, I wasn’t sure what I had done to offend the Alpha but if I continued to be punished at the rate
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Nancy Nieves
Interesting story...need to keep reading to see what happens next..
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Phyllis Edwards
so hooked on this book
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Blue Hedonism
I’m hooked on this story

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