99. A Glimpse And A Sip

Greyson’s POV:

I searched around in the crowd for Simon because I could see how Freya was starting to get unsettled from the absence of the boy. It looked like he was nowhere around and I was just about to move from my seat to properly search for him when a familiar mop of raven hair caught my attention.


And cuddled up in her arms was Simon. The two didn’t look like they were having any conversation. They just looked to be enjoying each others company. It was such a beautiful sight and I just stared at them for a full minute.

The paranoia eased a little from my mind knowing the boy was safe. The last thing I wanted was for the tiniest thing to go wrong, I wanted this to go as easily and as smoothly as possible for all of us. It was the least we deserved.

I take a sweep of the crowd once more with my heart pounding heavily in my chest, almost as if it knew that something was about to go wrong. There was nothing out of place. Everyone seemed to be in high, merry spirits and i
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