13. Missing

It felt like all the air rushed out of me when I stared at an empty room. There was no sound coming from within the room so I knew that Jessy couldn’t be anywhere around but I began a mad search around the small space hoping to find my daughter somewhere within the room.

“Jessy! Jessy!” I called out and when only silence met my ears I burst out in tears.

The room looked pristine, the beds were untouched like it had not been slept in yet. Zoe said Christie had put Jessy to bed but it didn’t look like anyone had even been in the room at all.

It looked the exact way that I had left it in the morning.

Then it flashed through my mind, like a video that had been sourced out from its folder and set to play in slow motion.

Matthew’s words to me earlier in the day and then the sly smirk that he had given me when I had been dragged out of the room.

I dashed out of the room as I remembered it and moved to Christie’s door knocking as carefully as I could without having to wake up the entire
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