25. No Self Control

“That should round it up. I think we’ve got the rest of it covered. We just need t-“ Smith had been saying.

But he was interrupted by screaming coming for downstairs and his eyes widened with shock. My Beta didn’t live here, but even himself knew how much I valued peace and quiet and how demanding I was for both of these things.

I couldn’t exactly understand The ruckus from downstairs, but that was exactly the point, I didn’t care. I didn’t want to hear any of it.

“I think we covered the main ground for this meeting, let’s have another one by Friday.” I said and Smith understood the message in my words.

It was a dismissal and he rose from his seat and prepared to exit the room.

I followed soon after once I was done with putting away the documents we had just worked with. The moment I stepped out of my office, I recognized the voice.


That disappointed me even more. Of all the maids that should break a rule, it should never have to be her.

I walked in the direction of the ki
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