72. An Attack

Greyson’s POV:

Watching the absolute love of my life as she slept had to be one of the most peaceful and enjoyable things to ever exist. Everything around me felt warm and fluffy and the intoxicating scent of Freya kept my entire frame calm.

I reached out a hand and begun stroking Freya’s swollen belly, the warmth of the skin there was blissful. I stifled a laugh when the blonde haired woman groaned before she reached out a hand to swipe at my troubling fingers.

I let her be, since I didn’t want to disturb her sleep. That would spell a lot of trouble for me. Instead I scooted closer to her before bending to place a kiss on her forehead.

Her eyes moved behind her lids but she didn’t wake up, instead she smiled happily before sighing in what I could only describe as bliss. I hoped that she was having the most pleasant dream in the world.

I couldn’t believe it even after Clara had confirmed Freya’s pregnancy. For days and days after then, my mind still spun with the information. But e
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Mariana Brown
When will be the next update?
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Jacinta Watkins
how long before you write the next chapters
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Thank you for sticking with me Pamela. I promise the wait will be worth it.

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