75. Love Kills

The first thing I noticed as the last feeling of sleep ebbed was the banging in my head. It felt like a stick was being hit against my brain and the effect was almost too much to bear.

I tried to flip open my eyes but it felt like led had been placed against them which caused me to groan. Nothing made sense to me and it wasn’t until the stank of my environment around me got to my nose that I began to get my bearing little by little.

Naomi had told me about a dying person and had lured me to the maid quarters where Zoe had been waiting.

Now, I would be lying if I said I was surprised Zoe would try to pull a stunt such as this one. I couldn’t be entirely sure what I had done to the maid, because as far as I could remember I had done nothing to offend her, but her attitude towards me had changed as some point. Same with some of the things that she had been doing.

Like the apology in the kitchen that morning and the drinking from an empty cup. Although I didn’t know that Zoe was angry
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