Mated to the Alpha Knight

Mated to the Alpha Knight

By:  Elizabeth Jane  Ongoing
Language: English
879 ratings
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Celeste Williamson is about to turn eighteen, which means she's about to find her mate - this is fine and all, but what happens when her mate turns out to be her brother? Will she accept him or find out a hidden truth? Be his mate or reject him to keep her own sanity? Not only is her brother her mate, but talk of a prophecy starts to cloud her judgement... And even worse, Celeste seems to be the target... How will she balance these challenges? Will she find out her entire life has been a lie? Or will she find her destiny within these hidden truths? COMPLETED

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Mated to the Alpha Knight Novel: Celeste Williamson can search for his mate after he reaches adulthood. There are a lot of problems in finding a partner you like when you live in the royal family. Celeste Williamson is going to be 18 years old. It's really interesting to me what kind of partner he's going to find. When I read some when his partner suddenly becomes his brother one day, it's an incredible thing, when he realizes that there must be something wrong, will he accept that reality or will he find the hidden truth?You must be very curious to Mate to the Alpha Knight's plot developments.

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Jana Kloppers
where can i find michael rollins mated to three possessive alphas
2023-04-24 16:58:30
default avatar
When will you be finishing the book???
2022-09-21 12:30:40
default avatar
Has this book been completed yet? Finished alpha knight close to a year ago & am so anxious to read the sequel when it’s finished! Any update would be very much appreciated author! :)
2022-05-24 21:11:54
user avatar
Dawn Marie Meece
How long before you updated and finish the book?
2022-05-15 00:05:00
user avatar
Ceejay Ramirez
Dear Author, pleases finish and complete this book…. I’ve been waiting for months but you only updated 4 chapters?
2022-02-17 12:37:17
user avatar
Mercedes Phares
this book is great but what happened to becoming knight luna? why did it get deleted?? i quite enjoy the series
2022-02-12 22:12:06
user avatar
Ceejay Ramirez
When is the next update dear author? Please finish the book
2022-01-12 12:52:25
user avatar
Veronica Astle
Don’t like ending a book in the middle of something. .........‍...
2022-01-03 22:37:09
user avatar
Victoria Murray
What happened to Luna Knight?
2021-12-31 13:00:29
user avatar
What happened to the sequel book of Mated to the Alpha Knight? Has it been taken down or deleted please?...
2021-12-14 09:21:02
user avatar
Lisa Schmidt
great job 10/10 couldn't put it down
2021-10-09 21:08:56
user avatar
Lexi Smith
wow this is a great read
2021-08-24 14:19:27
default avatar
Love it different tactics
2021-08-23 22:24:24
default avatar
Kristin Spotts
Great story! Excited to read the next
2021-08-14 09:56:42
default avatar
Max C. Wood Jr.
Riveting, exciting! Loved it’
2021-08-12 01:10:34
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136 Chapters
1. Pilot
"Thanks for the ride," I smiled towards Jackson as he walked me to my front door, thankfully my parents had left the outdoor light on; its warm glow casting itself upon our small, stone sidewalk and the white front door.Jackson smirked playfully, his 6'0 self seeming more muscular than he had in his cheap, shitty car as he t
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2. Nothing
"Jackson," I chuckled as his touch went lower, his fingers playing with my jeans waistband. "I think Mr.Tomes will be wondering why I'm not in class yet,""I don't care about some teacher right now, Celeste," His breath h
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3. Mate
I woke up in my own bed, Emrys' grey sweatshirt held in my hands like a security blanket, and the covers that warmed my body felt hot as I sat up. My bedroom was not big but not small either, walls of lilac, decor and carpet of white and my only light source was a small lamp that sat on my bedside table. 
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4. Oh Brother
My birthday was less than eventful -the way I liked it- as my father was busy doing work for the Alpha, my mother unexpectedly having a shift at the hospital, Ostana was stuck with the Alpha on official pack business as her mind now only consisted of her mate Laker Foreseen, and Emrys' seemed to be out of the house since late last night. A part of me oddly wished he was here.
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5. Aftermath
"Sweetie, please," My mother spoke from behind my shut bedroom door, her voice light and full of concern.After finding out my brot- Emrys is my mate, I've locked myself up in my room. Every fiber of my being screamed for
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6. Teamwork
Never in my life had I been closer to Heaven than I was now.My eyes fluttered shut as Emrys' pink, plump lips met mine in a rushed haze, cedar and rain hugging my body, both of our breathing increased as tingles danced u
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7. Deal
"His dick is beyond huge," Ostana spoke to me the next day at lunch, her cheeks tinting red just at the thought of Laker. "And he does this thing where he grips my hair-"
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8. Fights
Walking in my house and being blessed with the scent of steak, I silently chuckled as my stomach growled lightly; maybe ice cream at the diner was not fulfilling enough. My father waved at me as he watched the nightly news and not long after I shrugged off my coat, hanging it, did my mother yell for me."Where were you?" Stir
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9. Touch
Gasping as I sat up in my bed, heat buckled into my body intensely as sweat ran down the side of my head, I tore the blankets off of me quickly; both my breathing and heart racing. Pain thunder-bolted through my body as I peeled open my eyes.1:19 am.
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10. Snow Day
Warmth flooded my body as I woke up, my room strangely dark, but when I reached my arm over, emptiness was left in Emrys' wake. His spot where he laid was still warm, so he mustn't have been gone for very long but as a soft knock on my door drew me out of my still sleepy haze, I groaned and answered."Yeah?"
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