100. Definitely Not My Mate

Honestly wish I could tell what had disturbed my sleep and woken me up prematurely but in the next five minutes after waking up, I still couldn’t figure it out and when I flipped my eyes open to find the room bright and all the lights still turned on, I squinted in confusion.

There was something off this morning. I looked to the bedside clock on the nightstand opposite me and when the blinking red numbers flashed 5:13am, I gasped in surprise.

I was never awake this early, but most importantly, Greyson was never awake this early too and from the feeling of the sheets in his side of the bed, I could tell that he had not even slept in bed with me at all the previous night.

It was so shocking to me, I felt dazed, confused and pain from my bladder truly reminded me of why I had awoken in the first place.

I needed to pee.

I moved out of the bed, supporting my big and rounded stomach as I waddle towards the toilet. I let out a sigh of relief as my full bladder slowly emptied but my init
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