106. A Happy Ending

“Happy birthday daddy. It’s your birthday daddy! Wake up! I made you a drawing.”

Jessy’s voice woke both Greyson and Freya with the latter turning around and going right back to sleep. Her due date was really close and the bigger the twins got the more tired she became and so it wasn’t unusual that even with Jessy’s little screaming voice, Freya would still be able to go back to sleep.

“Thank you honey. Come here, let’s not wake mommy up okay. Is that for me?” Greyson asked his four years old and she nodded enthusiastically.

“It’s so beautiful. Thank you baby.” The Alpha said running his fingers through the drawing of their little family.

The image of Freya with a protruding stomach was comical and it made Greyson laugh quietly but he could also note how much his child had improved. Drawing always was something she enjoyed a lot and watching her get better and better with it was amazing.

“That one looks nothing like me Jess.” Freya said with a small laugh and Jessy giggled along
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Ava Wolf
I will definitely leave rating. Looking forward to the sequel ...
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Thank you for your comment. Please leave a rating if you can to help other readers find this book and you can also read my new book if you enjoyed this. And there will definitely be a sequel, I’ve started working on it but it might be a while before I start publishing that one.
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Ava Wolf
Awesome story! Have you thought about writing a sequel having the main characters being Jess & Simon all grown up?
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