Chapter Thirty-Three-Blaire

Seeing Luther run into the distance broke my heart. Not knowing if he'd make it back in one piece, or at all, crushed every part of me that yearned for him.

Every part that felt connected to him.

I couldn’t stand in the window any longer, so I walked down the stairs to the family room where Jessica and Barbie sat on the couch. Selena stood by the front window, staring out the glass, her fingers twitching nervously against her side.

Barbie looked up at me, and patted the seat next to her. "Come have a sit, Blaire. We're going to watch some movies and drink wine. It'll take our mind off things."

Selene scoffed from the window, and turned around to look at Barbie. "Speak for yourself, Mother."

"Don't. Start," she said back. "We're all worried about the boys. You're not the only one."

Blaire brought her knees up to her chin, and wrapped her arms around them. "When is the last time the pack has fought?'

"We fight off rogue wolves and lycans occasionally, but we haven't had a war in ages. I
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