Chapter Thirty-Nine-Blaire

It felt surreal sitting across from the woman that I thought was my mother. She looked older in the face, but everything else seemed as if I'd been tossed back into time. As if I'd never been taken back to the apartment building, or put into foster care.

Aunt Caterina looked happy to be away from the lycan kingdom, but ultimately fear rested in her eyes, which scared me. We'd just beaten the dragon king, and now we're facing off with a lycan king that we knew nothing about.

"You look tired," I said, standing up after we'd finished our Chinese food. She'd nearly eaten her entire takeout plate and the sight of her so hungry made my stomach twist. "I don't know if the cable is still turned on but—,"

"It is," Luther said from his spot across the room. He'd finished eating way before us, his elbows rested against his knees, his hands interlaced in front of him.

I smiled to myself. I didn't know why Luther kept my apartment for me, maybe out of pity, or in case I ever got pissed and wanted
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Brittany Carter
Thank you for your honest opinion. I appreciate it.
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I am enjoying the book, but I feel like it’s being rushed from one thing to the next. Their relationship was rushed, we went from her being anti-relationship to fighting dragons for him very quickly, and I think more time could have been spent on developing that trope.
goodnovel comment avatar
Hernandez Giuliana
Love the book !

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