Chapter Thirty-Seven-Blaire

Jessica slurped a noodle into her mouth and grinned at me from across the table. It was a nice contrast from the utter silence we'd had for the past hour.

The tension was so thick I could taste it.

Luther tapped the tip of his index finger against the table, his knee bouncing against mine. "So, this steak is to die for," I said, taking a long bite, and eyeing Barbie down the way.

She winked at me. "Thank you, Blaire."

Another five minutes of silence occurred, and I sighed. "How about that weather?"Luther cursed beneath his breath. "Stop it, please," he begged. "Can we talk about what Marcus and Axel planned out for the lycan kingdom?"

Marcus leaned forward, and pushed his plate away. "We mapped it out, and Axel knows a way inside without signaling any guards. We're ready now."

They were leaving soon. I understood the urgency in Marcus' voice, and the plea on his face. He needed closure or answers, whichever would come from their trip.

But my stomach ached at the thought of being away
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Lori Ramsdell
Poor Alicia! Party girl turned blood bag! I hope Blaire can save her friend. I wonder if her mother is a feeder bag at one point too that’s why Hex said she was dead? Nice twist in the plot! I actually couldn’t put this book down! I can’t wait for the next update to read what twist you have prepared

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