His petite female

Lynne took Daciana to the slave quarters respectfully walking beside her.

With the Alpha's scent dripping from her body, everyone knows she's the Luna.

It left a lot of people in the tower flabbergasted as to why she had to be an Omega.

Wolves can be mated to any of their species, there is no doubt about it but then, there's none that is not aware of Alpha Connor's deep hatred for Omegas.

A few of the maids bowed to Daciana while some stared pitifully at her.

They knows the Alpha will hate her and an example of that is letting his Luna stay in the slave quarters, not in the history of the existence of the wolves has that been heard.

But will he allow his monster take over completely and destroy his mate?

Both Daciana and Lynne stopped by a room, Lynne let the door opened as they entered.

Daciana frantically looked around the small room, it's very small but it will be enough for her to lay her head.

She's more grateful Alpha Connor considered giving her a room, it doesn't matter
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