" Who's blood is that?" I stuttered out.

" I'm not sure. I just needed you to be the first to know that we did find a body out of the boarders. There wasn't much left. Our pathologist has the body now and I told him that it was the priority. I'll know the second that he knows who it is." Alpha Asher says to me.

I felt the room spinning and my knees gave out from under me and Alpha Asher caught me before I hit the floor and he carried me over to the couch. The same sparks igniting wherever he touched me. But I couldn't concentrate on them right now.

" We don't know that it's her." Alpha Asher tried to assure me. But all I felt was numb. Like my world was over. And I couldn't even think let alone put a sentenced together. So Alpha Asher just stayed there with me on the couch not saying anything.

I wouldn't call it a comfortable silence, but it didn't bother me and I wasn't too focused on trying to find what to say to him while he was there with me.

" How long until you find out?"
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Debbie Proffer
Wonder if Liam is the traitor since he’s the bad seed so to speak
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Martha Kirkpatrick
Must have a traitor in the pack that dropped off the envelope. Plus if her mother was not alive the Alpha would have felt the tether drop.
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Karina Vazquez
Oh my gosh, I want to know what and why like yesterday. Asher better live up to the hype and find her

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