' Asher.' I screamed through the link. But there was still no response. Why was he blocking me out. I didn't understand why he would just disappear on me like that.

" No one is coming to save you. Your precious little Alpha has been put down." Jeremiah says and I let out a whine at hearing that. " Relax. He's not dead. Just enough wolfsbane to keep him knocking out for a few hours." Jeremiah says.

" Sawyer. Declan. Bentley.' I screamed through the mindlink. 'I'm trapped. They've knocked out the Alpha.' I panicked.

" What is the poor little wolf going to do? She's trapped and helpless. Just like your mother was when I caught her." Jeremiah announced. And I let out a vicious growl baring my teeth. I was ready to rip his head off for that.

" Don't be like that. We can all get along if you would just calm down. Otherwise we will have to knock you out as well." He says and I see the man holding the dart gun. I couldn't even get my teeth around the netting to try and chew myself out
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Ghost hunter
so far it's really good can't wait for them to get together
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Debbie Proffer
Jackson has beau that’s why nobody can get a hold of him or he’s the traitor ugh. I hope not like him

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