" Alpha. I am Elijah. I'm not an Alpha but I have found all these people in my travels. We come from all different packs who have survived Jackson. We come here seeking asylum because we know that Jackson won't be coming after you any time soon. Everyone know that. Which makes this the safest pack in the world right now." The man says. And Alpha Asher looked at me.

" How many people do you have here?" I asked.

" There's 54 of us from 8 different packs. We need help. We wouldn't be here if we didn't." Elijah says. And I look at Asher with pity on my face. He knew that we couldn't turn them away. And I didn't want to. They came to us for a reason.

" Alright. Well, we weren't expecting this so we are going to have to find you all places to stay." Alpha Asher says.

" What about the meeting hall? It's not being used. We can get cots set up. At least it's somethng for now." I suggest.

" That's a good idea. Like a little boarding house for asylum seekers." He says.

" Yeah." I say
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is she 18 yet?
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Karina Vazquez
Are they not going to have the mate talk? lol

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