We were stopped in the middle of the highway with three vampires on the road blocking our path and we saw more figures emerging from the woods surrounding us.

I squeezed Noah's hand really tight and I saw Ivy and Asher in the front seat and besides looking at each other, they barely flinched.

" Stay in the car." Asher told us. And we weren't planning on going anywhere. Asher and Ivy both got out of the car casually and looked at the men in front of them and the ones around us. They didn't seem fazed by these vampires at all. I couldn't believe it. How could they just be standing there so calm.

The vampires starting closing in and then there was a thunderous growl from all around us, in synchronicity and wolves started emerging from the woods behind the vampires. Suddenly I heard tearing and bones breaking and Asher and Ivy both shifted into their wolves.

They looked at each other in that form and because they were on different sides of the car, they nodded to each other and th
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Stacy Butler
when did the age to find a mate change from 18 to 16?

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