The moment she said that, Marcus grasped her neck with one hand and forcefully pushed her backward to land on the coach. Ann's face was looking up at his cold face due to his hand trapping her neck from averting her eyes from his gaze that were locked in hers.

His grip against her neck tightened, cutting off the air supply of breath that went through her throat. She swiveled a gulp past her throat, the dominant look on his face was dangerous which she likes.

He added pressure, pressing her head against the coach as his legs pushed through her legs and it straddled her legs open, wide enough for his knees to press upward and reached to her throbbing.

Ann bit her lips, suppressing the moan that was tempting to stifle out of her mouth. The intensity of pleasure she was feeling down there was that she had never felt before, this man was in control which made her weak.

"You wanna see what it's like to be my submissive huh?". Marcus asked huskily which made her stomach fluttered by the soun
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