Silver grimaced at him, she was certain that he heard her clearly. “I said, give me a head!”. She demanded.

Dante chuckled, he couldn't believe what she had just said.”You are joking right?”. He asked.

“What do you mean?”. Silver asked, confused.

“I mean why do you want me to lick your cunt?Who knows how many men have licked you already and screwed their disgusting cock into your hoe!”. He said and Silver let out a shocking gasp while she listened. “Pussy are meant to be fucked and not to be licked”. Dante said.

Hearing his disdainful utterance, Silver couldn’t hold back her anger that she slapped him so hard across his face before she pushed him back and jumped down from the counter.

Dante held his cheek, clearly taken aback by her assault. His cheek stung so badly due to the unexpected slap he has received on the face. “What was that for?”. He asked with a scorn on his face. He was surprised and before he could take any action, he needed to know what he did wrong that made her
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