Ann held her cheek and looked into her mother’s eyes, trying to figure out why she had slapped her. She quickly took her eyes off when her mother locked her gaze with her as all she could see was anger burning in her blooded eyes. Ann's mother gripped her by the ear and pulled her inside the house before slamming the door shut.

“Please tell me mom, what did i do wrong so i can fix it?”. Ann asked calmly as she stared at her dad who was relaxed on the coach, probably lost in thought because he seems to be absent minded while her mom was scrolling the screen of her phone as if searching for something. The silence of her parents was killing her, adding so much pains in her chest that she could barely think straight. Or could it be that they know what happened to her?. Noway!, her parents should be the last person that should ever get to know about it because she isn't ready to face them yet. All she wanted was time alone to fix herself, to think of her next step to get her revenge and n
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