Silver’s dress was stained with Ann blood but she didn’t even care as she was more concerned about saving her friend’s life. She brought out her phone from her purse and dialed the ambulance number as she saw that no one had made an attempt to do so. They were gawking at her in the most disgusting way with their hands covering their mouths while they take videos of them.

“Please I just sent you the address, it's an emergency, please hurry up”. Silver said on the phone before she hung up immediately and sent them the address.

"Don't touch her, she's disgusting and she deserves to die". A woman yelled when Silver tried to help Ann up.

"Who the fuck said that?". Silver turned in rage, scanning among the crowd in search of the bitch who had the nerve to utter that statement against her friend. Out of fear, they pointed at the lady who said that and Silver gently placed Ann in a sitting position before she walked towards the lady and slapped her hard across the face.

The lady gasped i
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