Ann struggles to sit up on the bed then stands on her feet with her hand propped on the bed to support her balance. She slowly removed her hand from the bed while she tried to move towards the door but immediately lost her balance. The door opened and the nurse who came in, rushed towards Ann and grabbed her by the waist to avoid her from falling to the ground.

“You should relax on the bed, you're not fully healed yet”. The nurse urged her as she compelled Ann to sit on the bed.

“Please I really need…”

“Relax miss”. The nurse snapped in before Ann could even finish her statement. “And I have just finished running a test for you”.

“A test?”. Ann asked as she couldn't remember telling the nurse to check on her.

“Yes your sister asked me to”. The nurse responded.

Ann heaved a sigh as she realized it was Silver who had given the nurse the order.

The nurse brought out a paper from the file, she glanced at it for a few second before she spoke,”Were you raped?”. She asked which made A
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