Chapter 3 - Admissions

Mila’s P.O.V.

Beep, beep, beep. Eugh, wolves are not early risers, and I am absolutely no exception to that rule. But school requires us to arrive at a certain time. You’d think a school full of wolves would have a later start time. I rub my eyes to let the light in a little bit at a time, feeling like a vampire in the sun, and realize I am actually in my bed ‘Damon’ my mind smiled, it always happens, every movie night, I fall asleep in his arms and he puts me to bed, and then I wake up for school and have to go get him up too.. I quickly pick an outfit, it’s another gorgeous day so I think short shorts, a white lace top and my favorite brown cowboy boots will be fine, a little makeup to make my eyes pop, a quick tussle of my hair and I’m done, Damon would go mad at any bloke wanting to get within 5 feet of me, but that doesn’t mean I have to look like a dump truck. I grab my bag and march out my room.

Halfway up the stairs and I can hear something unfamiliar. Damon is never up this early, so I’m surprised to hear him moving around. I give a quick knock on the door and march in the same way I always do. ‘Wow’ – Shut up brain. But she’s right, Damon always looks hot but today even he has gone out of his way, “Good morning gorgeous” he says to me, I giggle, “good morning, someone is in a good mood today, what has you up outrageously early?” I quiz him but he just shrugs it off, “it’s not that early is it? I just thought I would get a head start on the day so me and you can get going, the sun is shining again, another gorgeous day to be with you”. Absolute charmer as always, I can’t help but think that the extremely tight white tee, and the tracksuit shorts might be for my benefit.. ew. Brother, BRRROOOTTTHHHEERRRRR. I need to remind myself of this, constantly. Step brother. Damon grabs me by the waist and ushers me out the door “it’s a little early to be thinking about school don’t you think?” I quiz Damon trying to squeeze any little hint as to what’s gotten in to him today. “Well I figured we could go to breakfast first, and then go to school.. where do you want to go?” he seems genuine with his answer, maybe he is just super hungry.

Damon’s P.O.V.

Birds. All I hear is the bloody birds, they have been chirping annoyingly for a good hour now, I look at the clock, 5:30a.m – awful. Not that I slept all night, after Mila fell asleep on me last night everyone said they were knackered too and made their way home, I always carry Mila to bed, undress her and settle her in, this time was different, it was difficult to maintain composure getting her ready for bed this time, she was just perfect, I drooled over the thought of taking her straight to my bed instead, or just climbing on in to hers, I never wish to be apart from her. I got her ready for bed and went back to my room, it was no good… I knew she wasn’t far away, literally the next room along but this separation was killing me and Axel. I tossed and turned all night thinking how my last day at school would go before I turned 18, I would have to change some classes around, be with her all day – would that creep her out though? I wasn’t sure, but I knew I would drive myself insane not knowing how she was for half the day. It was no good, time to get up, I wanted her to want me, so I made my way through all of my clothes, took out the tightest t-shirt I could find, and the shorts that let everything else hang loose, just as I finished dressing I heard the familiar knock at my door – it was  her.

Mila walked in my room and my god, it took every fiber in my body not to just stand there gawking at her, she was incredible. Short shorts and the cowboy boots were my favorite look on her, unfortunately it would attract a lot of other prying eyes to my girl. They will all be drooling over my baby. My mate. I gathered up the strength to act completely indifferent to the goddess that stood before me and we left to my car, she started quizzing me about how early it was to be leaving. Fuck. I was so focused on not ogling at her that I didn’t even realize school wasn’t for another hour yet. “Well I figured we could go to breakfast first, and then go to school.. where do you want to go?” unsure whether she knows I am lying straight through my teeth or not I settled on the local café, I pulled up and raced round to open her door, she takes my hand and it feels like electric when we touch, I’m sure she must have felt that too but as usual she is pretty good at concealing her feelings, I don’t like that. I want her to be completely free and open with me, I want to know how she is feeling all of the time. “I have to say in the least creepy way possible, you’re quite the knockout today, are you trying to get every unmated wolf in the community to have a heart attack?!” I try to sound lighthearted, I can already feel the eyes on her, even our server can not wait to get over here to talk to her, I have to maintain composure, don’t growl Damon, you too Axel! “He wants my baby. He wants her all for himself Damon!” I can feel the rage in Axel, but I put it to one side, I can’t let him take control today, or scare her away

Mila’s P.O.V.

“I have to say in the least creepy way possible, you’re quite the knockout today, are you trying to get every unmated wolf in the community to have a heart attack?!” Damon chuckled, it was a gorgeous sound to hear – snap out of it Mila. It was nice that he noticed I made an effort, even if he did sound a little grumpy about it, the server came over to our table and took our order, he was a plain man, nothing to extraordinary about him, he did stare at me a little too long for my liking, apparently Damon noticed too, he looked like he was chewing on a bee. Goddess, he looks so sexy when he’s all possessive of me, gah! What am I saying! “Can I just get the eggs benedict please and a latte” I chanced a peek at Damon, he was easing up a little but not for long… “I will get you anything you desire ma’am” ew, the server made a pass at me, I mean the outfit idea was for attention but that was a little too much. I look over at Damon, his face back to thunder. He has never liked others making a pass at me but even more so recently, “Damon, Damon? You need to order something” I tried my best to defuse the situation but I have to say even for me it looked a little hopeless to try. I could tell only too well that he was about ready to knock this guys lights out. “Okay. He will have the same as me please, but with a cappuccino – thank you”. I knew that it was best I just ushered the guy away as quickly as possible, Damon has never been a huge coffee lover but he was up early, and when he does drink coffee he prefers it less milky. Plus I think he could use the caffeine today. “What’s up? I mean you never let many men make a pass at me but you also don’t usually look like you want to murder them, are you okay?” I couldn’t hide my concern and as soon as the server had left Damon looked at me, his eyes all sparkly blue again as they should be, I think my expression gave me away, he eased up immediately. “Nothing peach, I’m fine. He was just a little too touchy feely for my liking, I am protective of you. I always will be, and I don’t think it will ever get any easier, you are more beautiful every day peach, you just don’t believe it” Damon confessed to me, he was always quite honest about being overprotective but something about him today felt vulnerable, like he was bearing his soul to me. We finished up our breakfast quickly, left the money on the table and headed off to school. I couldn’t get his confession out of my mind, you would think something like that from my step brother would freak me out, but it just felt… right.

We arrived at school pretty much on time, we had a few minutes spare. Damon scooped me up in his arms the way he always does, the first few periods I have without him, so he makes a big scene in front of everyone at school just to lay down the law. He spun me around and kissed my forehead, breathing heavily both in and out, he sounded like he had just run a marathon, but with every inhale he seemed to be taking in every scent of me he could, the kiss on my forehead was a normal thing too but today, he lingered there. He kept me close, like this to the very last second of the bell ringing. Just then Ebony ran up to me, “Hey sexy lady, wow you are a stunner today! Not that you aren’t usually but today especially so… what’s the occasion” she beamed at me, one of her best traits was helping people to feel totally at ease all the time, this is how I knew she would make the most incredible doctor one day. Just like my mom. “Hey, have you noticed anything weird about Damon the last couple of days?” I ask. “You mean besides his devilishly good looks, and the fact that he cannot take his eyes off you for even a second anymore?” she smirked at me, I slapped her arm playfully “SEE! It’s not just me. I honestly thought I was imagining things but bloody hell, even you see it” I felt relieved, I wasn’t going crazy, he WAS more possessive than usual. “Tomorrow is his 18th birthday Ebony, I want it to be super special, he deserves it so much” I realized as soon as I said it I sounded like a love sick puppy, “awwww, young love!” she teased. ‘brooottthhheeeeerrrrrrrr reminder’ I wish my brain would shut off sometimes I really do.

The rest of the morning went without a hitch, I have Ebony with me all morning, and in the afternoon I have Damon, the lunch bell rang and me and Ebony quickly made our way towards the canteen. We were scanning the room for our usual group of friends, and secretly I was only looking for Damon.

Damons’ P.O.V.

This morning was hell, first I had to sit and watch some dick make googly eyes at my girl. Then I nearly let slip to her how much I was in love with her, then we got to school, I was happiest I could be with my lips on her forehead just drinking in her scent and the bell rang, the only comfort is that she took off with Ebony and not some random dude, but I have had to spend the last 3 hours without her, I can’t concentrate on class I am just sitting watching the clock waiting for the bell to ring, waiting for her to be back in my arms, I’m positive now that she must know how I feel and I pray that she can feel it too, because I don’t think I can wait until her birthday for that. I need her to realize that she is my mate, and soon.

The bell sounds and I am racing out the door. “Dude wait up!” its Chris and Brad, I had completely forgot all about them back in class, “man you really are smitten for her!” Brad winked at me as he said… I stood for a moment, shocked, I had told Chris about Mila, and Axel, but other than that, no one. I looked at Chris, blood boiling.. “Woah man, I haven’t said a thing to anyone…” Chris knew that my new temper wasn’t to be messed with and I believed he hadn’t said anything, but how would Brad know. Brad was smart, a lot smarter than we gave him credit for most of the time, he looked it to, he was still a good looking guy and he always had girls swooning over him for private tutoring but he never paid them any attention, secretly he was obsessed with Ebony. “He never said a thing to me bro, it’s painfully obvious how you feel about Mila. We’ve known since we were kids. We just let you figure that shit out on your own, and about time to honestly” Brad smirked, it’s not often that they can render me speechless, but here I am silent as the grave. I punched him in the arm, smiled and we carried on making our way to the canteen. “I gotta say, she is torturing me today for real. She looks insane, plus she’s got every dickhead in this place pining over her like she’s freely available to just anyone, she mine. Everyone knows it!”. I kept on moaning and rambling all the way to the canteen, we got our food, and I was still eyeing up every man in the building as a potential threat, and that’s when I smelt it. Honey and vanilla. The most delicious scent I’ve ever smelled. But not just any honey and vanilla, its her.

I looked over Chris’ shoulder while trying to keep the conversation going, and there she was, my heart was pounding from my chest, it had been three hours but felt like an eternity, she was so perfect. The most beautiful creature in the room, fuck in the world even. No one could compare to her, some girl came and sat with us, I was sure she was trying to talk to me but I wouldn’t have really noticed, I was too busy following Mila around the room with my eyes. Just then I feel someone sit on my lap, and I know it’s not Mila. “What the actual fuck Harriet?!” I scold her, my eyes like ice. Harriet Falken, biggest tramp to walk around school, daughter of the New Luna packs beta. She really thought she was the goddess’ gift to all wolves. How deluded could you be. “Come on baby, why don’t you try being with a real woman for once, one that actually notices you and is worthy of a man like you. You deserve more than a two bit tramp you just found on the street!”. This is how Harriet tries to win me over, by trashing Mila. Even if she wasn’t my mate, I would still love her as a sister, so either way she never would have got far with this venom. I would never hit a woman, but I was dangerously close to it. “Get your dirty, second rate paws off of me, turn around, walk the fuck away and don’t you ever talk about Mila ever again, she is more a woman than you will ever be and she is far too good for you to even dare think about let alone trash talk”, she just stared at me, shocked that I totally rejected her advances, the fact she wasn’t moving just pissed me off more. “FUCK OFF HARRIET”.

Suddenly the room fell silent, I sat back down and slowly the idle conversation carried on, but everyone was talking about Harriet and her balls to take on me where Mila was concerned, I looked around having lost sight of Mila, when suddenly she appeared out of nowhere, frowning, worried again – I’ve got to work on worrying her less and making her happy more. “Damon are you alright? I honestly thought you were about to lose your shit on Harriet”. My perfect Mila, Harriet talks trash about her to my face and yet here she is, still caring about her feelings – and mine. “I’m fine babe, I’m sorry I worried you, its okay now. I promise. Come.. sit”. I pulled her onto my lap and just like that the world was right again, for a moment.

“Mr. Wolfrik!!!” Ahhh shit. That would be Mr. Valkis, the head. I’m gonna assume that bitch went straight to the heads office to rat me out over her being a slut. Great – now Mila looked worried again. I pecked her head and sat her down in my seat, “I’ll be 5 minutes, this won’t take long. Don’t leave me”. I got up and went to smooth things out with the head.

“Okay Mr. Wolfrik, I understand your position and I will be having words with Harriet after next period but as for your – “ suddenly he stopped talking, I could hear it to, there was definitely something going on, and that’s when I smelled it, honey, vanilla and blood. Panic set in, I ran as fast as my feet would take me to where the commotion was, and that’s when I saw, some dude on his backside, and Mila, my Mila. With sore knuckles, and a bloody nose. She got off lightly compared to the dude she clearly pummeled, but that didn’t matter, Axel was bursting to take control, pawing at me to be with Mila, to go and kill whoever this idiot was who dared to take my mate from me. Who dared to put a scratch on her. I raced over to Mila, blood boiling, and she could see it in my face I was about to completely lose control of myself.

Mila’s P.O.V.

I watched Damon leave, my eyes followed his perfect ass out the door… oh for heaven’s sake, apparently I can no longer contain myself when it comes to Damon. I mean he’s not really my brother after all, just my step brother and I know he sees me as more than that, I just haven’t properly admitted it to myself yet, eugh this is complicated, and why do I even feel like this, it will be my birthday soon and then I will have to find my actual mate, surely I shouldn’t be feeling that way about him. The it dawned on me, tomorrow he will be 18 and he will find his true mate. I felt suffocated, the air was getting thinner, I forgot how to breathe. I was… jealous! Jealous of something that hadn’t even happened yet. My thoughts were interrupted, probably for the best, by the presence of someone behind me I turned around and scoffed, “eugh, what do you want Demetri”. Demetri was a strange looking boy, handsome enough but, twisted, his father was Alpha Fangar, although no one knows his first name, Fangar is their surname. He was more like a nightmare if I’m honest, rumors say that they have vampire blood in their genetics which is why they look so gaunt and pale most of the time. “Simply put, I want you” he purred, less like a kitten and more like a monster out for blood, “I see your body guard has been summoned away and figured now would be the perfect time to take you by the hand, I know I can please you in ways you have only dreamed little wolf, you are a vision and a perfect mate for me”. I laughed, hard. At first I thought he must be joking because no one would say that to me with or without Damon present. Chris and Brad were both here to witness, where does this guy get the balls. “Back down Demetri!” Chris stood up, clearly defending both his best friend, and me. “Little wolf can take care of herself I’m sure, and she has her own mind, she doesn’t need to be brainwashed by you dweebs and your pathetic excuse for a leader” he sniggered, well that did it, something happened to me that had never happened before, I felt a surge of anger, not for how he treated the boys or how he treated me, but for how he spoke about Damon. My Damon. No one was allowed to call him pathetic.

It all happened in a flash, I lunged for him before I could even think about my actions, someone was talking about Damon, they were insulting him, his family and everything I loved. I was a great fighter, but Demetri was arguably double my size, I didn’t care. I got a good few swings at his face, I hit him as hard as I could, once, twice, three times my fists connected with his jaw, everyone was cheering me on when all of a sudden there was a crack, Demetri managed to get one full swing at me, my nose was definitely broken, but I wasn’t worried. I would have my mom reset it and my wolf healing would kick in and you’d never know, I was on the floor and as Demetri approached, I flung my legs out in front of me and kicked him square in his ribs, multiple cracks were heard and he was on the floor writhing in pain, the hall began to chant for me, and Demetri could no longer stand.. “STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME AND MINE”.

Just then I felt it, I felt a change in the atmosphere around me, I knew he was close, I don’t know how I knew but I just did. I looked over and there was Damon staring at me, the hurt in his face, the pain in his eyes at the sight of me, the blood tricking from my nose, and my hands, he lunged towards me, took one look at my face and hands, and you could see the anger building inside of him. I knew if I didn’t put a stop to this now, he would kill him. And then there would be war among the packs. I spun round as quick as I could putting myself between him and Demetri, “Get out of my way Mila!” he yelled at me, he didn’t mean to yell at me, you could see it was all pain. “NO”. The room fell silent, no one had ever really stood up to Damon before, not even me because there was never a need to. “MILA! I’m gonna kill him, look at what he did to you, how DARE he touch you!”. It was no good, he was near impossible to calm down, so I did something that I never thought I would ever do in my life.

As I stood there, looking at this man who hungered for revenge, this man who clearly loved me, I couldn’t think of anything that would calm him down, so I did the only thing I thought possible, I looked at him dead in the eyes, took his face, his beautiful, pained face in my hands, I could feel the blood start to drain from him, I moved closer to him and he put his arms around my waist, “Damon, please. Calm down, for me. Please babe”. I had never called him that before, I nearly have a few times, before reminding myself that he was my step brother, but its clear that he is not that anymore, something is happening and he needs me. He had calmed a lot just by me holding him but every time Demetri moved it felt like back to square one, so I did something completely unexpected, I took his hands and pulled him in close to me, my chest leant up against him, my arms wrapped around his neck, I pulled his face down, and stole a kiss, and another, and another. He relaxed almost instantly, and the teachers took Demetri away. Damon’s hands were entwined in my hair, pushing my head to deepen the kiss, his tongue invaded my mouth, and it explored mine ruthlessly, it was like he needed me, he craved me, nothing could ever calm him the way I could.

When I pulled away from Damon, his eyes were dark again, his breath was heavy and he held on to me so tight, like he thought if he let go I might disappear. He sat me down and took my hands in his, he kissed each and every bruised knuckle, then cleaned up the blood from my face. “I am so sorry peach.” He said, tears pooling in his eyes. This was it, this was where he told me it was a huge misunderstanding and he didn’t care for me that way at all. “No I’m sorry Damon, I shouldn’t have done that I don’t know what I was thinking, I feel so embarrassed putting you in that position, lets just forget it yeah, you don’t need to be worried when I might come up and kiss you totally inappropriately –“ I was rambling again. “Peach, shut up. If you think for one second, that I regret any of that kiss, then I may well take you over my knee here and now, and spank you until you get it through your head”. My breath hitched at the thought of it, I didn’t know how much I wanted that to happen until Damon put the thought in my head. “I need you peach, when I saw how he had hurt you, it didn’t matter to me that you practically pounded the guy single handed, all that mattered was that I got to you, and protected you no matter the cost. Do not regret that kiss Peach, cos I am still pinning my hopes on there being plenty more of them”. At this point I was sure my jaw must be hanging off my face, did he just confess his love for me? In front of everyone. Am I dead? Maybe I lost and Demetri actually killed me. “Come on peach, we’ve been here long enough, time to go”. He took me by the hand and practically dragged me out the school. I wasn’t sure where we go from here, but I had a feeling it was gonna be okay.

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