My head was spinning.

The attention of all the guests at the party was overwhelming, but not as much as the fact that I had spoken with an offensive tone to an Alpha! If he wanted, he could destroy my life in seconds. I swallowed the lump in my throat and looked around for familiar faces until my gaze fell on my mother who stepped out of the crowd and walked toward me.

She had a wary look on her face and I didn’t need to second guess the reason. It was not every day that my mother saw me walking along with an Alpha.

“Avery.” She planted herself in front of me, her eyes expressing concern, and placed a hand on my shoulder. I knew she wanted to interrogate me but there was a more pressing matter ahead. A six feet tall, sexy one clad in black.

Her gaze shifted up to the Alpha and she bowed to him, “Alpha Dominic. It is my utmost pleasure to see you. Did my daughter do something?”She shot me a small glare and I knew that she was wondering what I had now.

A crooked smile shaped the lips of Dominic as if he was enjoying some personal joke and I felt my palms sweat. This was why they said, to keep your mouth shut when you don’t know the person.

“If charming me with her lovely presence adds to it, then I would say she did.” He said smoothly and my cheeks burnt more than the candles lit on the walls of the hall.

My mother frowned before she understood what he meant and a smile graced her lips. It was not hard to say that she was happy that her reckless daughter had made a good impression in front of the Alpha.

Dominic looked at me and I blushed like a beetroot. Why did his stare affect me this bad? It was as if he stared deep into my soul.

I saw my father entering the hall through the double doors and his gaze immediately fell on me.

“Av! I was looking for y—” he stopped when he noticed Dominic stand in front of us and he blinked a few times before recognition lit his eyes. So, I am the only fool who didn’t recognize who he was.

“Alpha, you’re here.” He said and then exchanged a look with us. He was as confused as I was.

“Your sweet daughter was lost so I led her back.” The Alpha said and my father’s brows shot up in confusion. He looked at me with hesitation and said,

“Thank you, Alpha Dark. Forgive my daughter for she is a curious mind.” He said with fear in his eyes. I had never seen my father fear anyone as he believed in his values a lot and was not afraid to face people. Yet he was today, in front of this man.

It meant that the Alpha really had a powerful reputation.

“Please, call me Dominic.” He said and gave an unnerving smile, the one usually the serial killers gave in movies.

After speaking a minute more, Dominic walked away with one of the town managers who looked too interested in licking the Alpha’s boot. The rest of us walked back into the crowd and I couldn’t help but feel stares pointed at me.

“Av, you shouldn’t have wandered around without us.” My father scolded and I pursed my lips. I never spoke against him and there was not much to defend on my side because I did lose my way because of my stupid brain.

“Oh, don’t be so stern. Didn’t you see? The Alpha was pleased with Av.” My mother chirped in, “None of our neighbors got the opportunity to talk to him. Only we did. I will be flaunting around this for an entire month now.”

I sighed. My mother just loved the attention and making her neighbors jealous was the supreme agenda of her life. Not that I minded because my neighbors sucked as this town did. But I wished she smiled like this when I was not having a guy with me who raised our status.

Jannet walked with Candice towards me with a look that spoke ‘what the fuck was that?’

“I can explain. Don’t jump to conclusions.” I raised my palms in defense.

Candice rolled her eyes and Jannet grabbed my shoulders, “I can’t believe you were with the Alpha!” She had a worried look on her face.

“Yeah, but I am fine. He looks… scary…but he didn’t act out of line.” Except calling me names like kitten.

Jannet exchanged a look with Candice. Candice then looked at me and said, “Av, you should maintain your distance from him.”

Jannet continued, “He’s bad news. There are several rumors about him, some including him killing several people and destroying a lot of lives.”

I shifted my gaze at Dominic who was speaking with a few people on one side of the room. His hands were tucked in the pocket of his sleek black trousers and his side profile was sharp like a lion. I didn’t doubt Jannet’s words as he held an air of intimidation around him. The people talking to him looked equally nervous as if he would cut their throats any minute.

“Did he make such a reputation before his disappearance?” I asked, looking at him not smiling for once. Strange. He was smiling at me most of the time, and it seemed like he was a completely different person when he was talking to others.

Maybe I was overthinking things.

I heard Candice speak, “Duh! I heard from my grandparents that he claimed this town way before and believe it or not, he was so dangerous that even after he disappeared , the warriors working under him did not step out of line in the fear of his wrath. That’s how much influence he has on his pack.”

Hm. I see.”

I saw him speak before he turned to look my way and I instantly turned my head around, not wanting to be caught staring at him like a creep.

“I’m glad you are fine. When I saw you with him, I was ready to grab your hand and run!” Jannet said and I grinned at her.

She was my best friend for a reason and sometimes got overprotective of me. It was more since the time Samuel started to create havoc in my life. Speaking of the devil, I was glad that I hadn’t seen him around.

“Where is Sam?” I asked,

“Natalie came in and he walked out of the party with her.” Jannet said with a triumphant smile. Finally, I was safe.

“Thank you so much guys. Especially you Cad.” I looked at Candice with gratitude.

“Leave that, how was he like? How was his voice?” Candice asked with a teasing tone and I bit my lip in thought.

His voice…

“Avery.” The voice of Dominic reached my ears. Wow, was I imagining his voice this well that it sounded so profound?

I looked at my friends, who were standing like statues with horror-stricken looks on their faces. I didn’t need to guess what they were so horrified about when I felt a cold shiver sail down my spine.

I slowly looked past my shoulder and saw a broad chest hidden under the fabric of the black suit with a silver lining that circled a sturdy neck. My gaze followed past the chin to the jaw until I was trapped under the void of the obsidian black eyes.

They gazed softly down at me and I could see my small reflection on them. His lips were slightly curved in a smile, but the intensity of his gaze was unnerving.

He extended his large hand at me and asked, “A dance?”

Maybe Jannet’s idea to elope was a good choice.


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