11~ Seduce him

“I’ll take it that you’re satisfied, sir. Can you pay me the ten thousand dollars now?” Evelyn requested, trying her best to hide her discontentment.

She had felt insulted by Damian’s remark after she kissed him but she brushed it aside, not letting it affect her.

After all, she only did what she had to do to leave this place earlier. That kiss didn’t mean anything.

“You’re not going to go back on your words, are you? Or maybe you’re just a liar.” She taunted when he didn't respond, trying to get back at him for humiliating her and calling her a pet.

Of course, she knew she had signed an agreement to be his pet but it didn’t mean he had to rub it in her face each time he gets. ‘I have feelings too. How can he easily call me a pet and claim to be my master like we are in the dynasty era?’

Damian frowned, pulling at his tie to loosen it. After that small intimate moment, he had felt a little hot and the tips of his ears had flushed a crimson color.

Looking at Evelyn’s forced smi

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