47~ Hunger

Evelyn jolted back in alarm and stared at Damian in shock after hearing his voice. She was met with his icy-blue eyes staring deeply right back at her.

Her heart leaped with joy. “You’re awake!” She squeaked and gave him a hug.

“Thank God! We were all so worried.” Tears of joy flowed down Evelyn’s face. She had never felt so relieved before in her life.

If something happened to Damian, she would never forgive herself. Seeing him open his eyes, even though he still had a wound on his back made her happy.

Damian chuckled and coughed. “Yeah… I wouldn’t die so easily.”

His voice was hoarse from being unconscious for a while. Evelyn noticed this and stood up straight to pour him a glass of water.

“Sorry, I was so excited that you woke up forgetting that you’re still injured.”

She passed him the glass and began to help him dress up. Damian raised an eyebrow while taking a swig of the water.

“Why are you dressing me up? I thought you were about to have your way with me?”


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