Loving The Enemy

Loving The Enemy

By:  Demiah13  Completed
Language: English
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He is known for his devilish side, nobody dared to cross him. He's ruthless,cruel and dangerous to his enemies except to a certain cop who's hell bent on putting him behind bars. She is determined to take down the man who had caused her grief at a young age, the man who killed her parents before her. Things take a turn and she finds herself teaming up with the one person she loathes, a man who's too cocky and annoying for his own good. Despite fighting hard to keep her feelings contained, he's determined to break down the walls she has built and show her exactly what he wants. And he wants HER. This book is part of a series: Book 1: Badboy Asher Book 2: His Blonde Temptress Book 3: Loving The Enemy Book 4: Bestfriends Shouldn't Know How You Taste

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70 Chapters
*15 years ago* "Papa!" A little girl screamed as she got out from her hiding spot under the bed. She watched as the towering burly man jab a sharp looking knife into her dad's stomach making him cough up blood. 
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♧ Ryn’s pov ♧My lungs burned as I forced my achy limbs to move. I gripped the sack that was filled with sand in my hands and dragged it along the dirt path. The sack weighed about a hundred pounds and I've been going back and forth with it. 
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♧ Ryn’s pov ♧Civilians were already roaming at the crime scene when we had arrived there. I removed the seat belt and put on my duty belt. I placed the firearm, knife and taser gun securely in the belt and opened the door to get out.
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♧ Ryn’s pov ♧We stared at each other, none of us wanting to break the intense gaze. A crackling sound in the far corner had my head snapping towards it, trying to identify the culprit.It was
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♧ Ryn’s pov ♧His eyebrow cocked up in amusement before he snorted. He backed away before throwing his head back to let out a boisterous laugh. He found what I had uttered amusing and that fucking annoyed me.
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♤ Ace’s pov ♤The woman with dark hair moaned underneath me as I quickened my pumps. I couldn't remember the girl's name but that was always the case when I had an encounter with a certain officer. She's always the reason behind my sexual frustration and damn her for being so beautiful and untouchable.
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♤ Ace’s pov ♤I rolled my eyes at Becca in annoyance and slowly removed the frozen pack of peas away from my nose. I placed it down on the counter and watch her look at my damaged nose. She bit her lip before bursting into fits of laughter.
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♧ Ryn’s pov ♧The noise from the television filled my small but cozy house.I was renting it from a lovely elderly couple who needed the extra money.I swept the wooden floors as my eyes kept d
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♧ Ryn’s pov ♧I didn't answer him as I brought my head forward and slammed it against his forehead. His hands loosened only for him to push his weight onto me.I wrapped my legs around his wai
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♧ Ryn’s  pov ♧Ace glowered at me before turning around to head out of the sliding doors. I followed behind him confused out of my mind."Where are you going?" I could hear the confusion
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