50~ A spy

A week passed.

Damian was still in the hospital. However, his injury had begun to heal and he no longer needed bandages. Despite not being able to move or walk properly, he could now sit up straight in bed.

Evelyn had been of great help to him. She took care of him. Making sure he ate and took his medication on time.

Aside from that, she would help him wipe his body and change his clothes since he couldn't move yet.

She had worked really hard the past few days but she wasn't complaining. Damian was there with her, in the flesh. She couldn't be more grateful.

This time they spent together in the hospital had made them closer. They would chat about this and that. With each day that passed, their bond grew stronger.

Damian sat with his back resting against the wall. He had a laptop in his hands, working on something.

Evelyn sat on her couch, propped up by her elbow. She was eyeing Damian dreamily with stars in her eyes. Despite being in a hospital gown, he looked like a god.

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