68~ The future

Months later.

Nina was preparing for a date with her boyfriend Jack.

Things were great for everyone in the past weeks. Evelyn and Damian were expecting so they spent most of their time away from the club and Jack took up most of the work for Damian.

Today was one of the rare days that he was having a break so he asked Nina out on a date since they had not gone around much due to their lack of time.

Nina was combing her red hair when her mother, Grace walked into her bedroom.

“Mom, why don’t you like knocking? One day you will find I’ve sneaked a boy in here.” Nina complained while seated in front of the dressing mirror.

“That’s exactly why I don’t knock. Besides, why should I knock in my own house?” Grace sauntered into the room and took the comb from her daughter’s hand and began to comb her hair which was similar to hers.

“You know, when you brought that man Jack to meet us, your father wasn’t happy that you started dating so soon. I’m also afraid that I might lose you s

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