#Chapter 142 – Entering the underworld


Hannah had disappeared once the blinding light appeared. Sebastian couldn’t see anything, not even his luna and daughter. But he knew they were still nearby because he could feel them. He reached out to grab her, but he was only met with air. He felt the heavy energy of the moon goddess circling him and protecting him; he only hoped that she was protecting his family as well.

The moon goddess had obviously chosen them to be together or else they wouldn’t be the three keys that opened the portal. That explained the prophecy, but it was still odd that Hannah was only his chosen mate.

He finally got a glimpse of her running through the blinding lights with Wren in her arms. He wanted to run out toward her, but he knew she was running Wren to safety, and he didn’t want to distract her. Raya was waiting with open arms and ready to take Wren away from there. He felt a strange pull toward the moonstone scepter that he had d

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