Alpha King's Substitute Omega Bride

Alpha King's Substitute Omega Bride

By:  Jane Above Story  Completed
Language: English
27 ratings
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“F**k me to death if you must, you asshole,” I sobbed. I felt defeated as I lay beneath the Alpha King’s hardened body. He was pressed heavily against me. Tears stained my features and he stared around my face, curiously. He had paused for a long moment, breathless and trembling. Just moments ago, he was ripping my custom-made wedding gown off my thin body and shredding it to pieces. I trembled uncontrollably as he pressed me against his bed, kissing every mark of my body and biting me until I bled. His dark blue gaze had gone wild and at that moment, I truly feared for my life. I feared that the night of my wedding night was going to be the end of my life altogether. The memory of the day invaded my mind as I kept thinking to myself, “how did I end up here?” *** To save her little brother, Hannah was forced to take her stepsister Amy's place in the arranged marriage, marring the cruel Alpha King, Peter. Little did she know, there will be so many dangers await her. Alpha Peter, the most arrogant, cold and strongest man in werewolf Kingdom, he accept this marriage because he needs to find his mate, as it was foretold. Only his mate can save him from his frantic fury. He has no idea that soon he finds himself falling for this little omega girl.

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The novel is an Erotic werewolf Romance. It is written by Jane Above Story and has a rating level of 9.4/10 from 24 ratings. Hannah is wedded to Sebastian, the son of an Alpha of the pack. Sebastian is feared by many. He has a possessive and dominant disposition towards everyone, but Hannah is an exception. She does not fear Sebastian, and this annoys Sebastian. Hannah was surrounded by fear and confusion as she knew about Sebastian's late luna, Emily after the incident of poisoning in their kitchen. This event brought Sebastian to the state of thinking of his right to mistreat his substitute Luna, Hannah...

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Will there be a second book to the story
2023-09-15 06:18:37
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Chris Hicks
This book should have another story it can’t be over
2023-08-25 00:33:39
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Olivia J Miranda
I really loved this book.
2023-07-27 16:41:43
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Awesome book!
2023-03-13 09:28:52
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Latraila Tolbert
Good book and like how the happy ever after came with the unique twist.
2023-02-06 00:20:06
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Tammy DeRoche
Great book!
2023-02-04 14:10:28
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Slim Baggs
Great book
2023-01-31 18:24:07
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Russella Franco
this is a great book. I wish I could listen to her books also
2023-01-29 13:11:33
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Delinda Schumacher
200 chapters 1-5-23
2023-01-05 22:24:47
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Omg I absolutely love this book!! Will there be a sequel? It’s crazy bc it’s like who do they even trust in the book?! I love that there’s romance but also excitement and danger each turn. Your writing style is so easy to read and follow, very rich with detail just like I love! Can’t wait for 2nd!
2022-11-11 19:58:41
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Bianca Maasdorp
I love this story. Really a great read
2022-11-01 18:31:53
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Jane Above Story
Thank you all so much for loving my stories. leave comments here or join my group jane above story to share your thoughts with me! yours jane
2022-10-27 21:13:18
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will the story ever turn best for Hannah but love your story
2022-10-09 01:45:44
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Rebecca Stethem
Love the book!! Updates please. I’m dying to know what happens.
2022-10-08 23:53:39
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Takiva Graham
how often do you update I love story and I'm just hanging waiting for the follow up to the last bombshell lol
2022-10-08 22:34:32
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200 Chapters
#Chapter 1 Down the aisle
Hannah POV “Fuck me to death if you must, you asshole,” I sobbed. I felt defeated as I lay beneath the Alpha King’s hardened body; he was pressed heavily against me. My body squished against his bed. Tears stained my features and he stared around my face, curiously. He paused for a long moment, breathless and trembling. Just moments ago, he was ripping my custom-made wedding gown off my thin body and shredding it to pieces. I watched it crumble to the ground around me as he gripped my small body in his hands and held me close to him. He hungrily pressed his lips against mine, nibbling at my lips and taking me in. I couldn’t breathe. I trembled uncontrollably as he pressed me against his bed, kissing every mark of my body and biting me until I bled. I felt the blood trickling down my shoulder blade as the sharpness of his teeth dug into my flesh. I screamed out in agony, silently begging for him to stop but the words were too afraid to leave my mouth. His dark blue gaze had gone w
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#Chapter 2 The ring of the royal family
Sebastian POV She’s kissing me?! Sebastian thought to himself as he stared down at this simple and weak girl that stood before him. Hidden within her large brown eyes, he could see fear. He was used to those around him fearing him. He knew what everyone thought of him, and he couldn’t give a shit. They feared him because of his disfiguring. He was hideous to those around him and repulsive to women. He clenched his fists and the fear in her eyes only grew with each passing moment. Hannah wasn’t any different than the others. She saw him as a monster. He was a monster. Her lips were softly pressed against his, tasting like a rose milkshake. Although he’s never tasted such a girly beverage, he knew the taste of it instantly. For once in his life, he was in shock over a woman’s boldness. She was weak and small, she acted with so much fear, and yet her actions proved nothing but bravery. There was a buzzing sounded in his ears and his heart throbbed as if a target trembled after bei
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#Chapter 3 The night of the full moon
Hannah POV “Welcome to the family, Hannah!” A cheerful voice came from the palace foyer as we entered the doors. I was greeted by a beautiful and tall woman; her curly blonde hair was pulled back and out of her face. Her bright features were filled with confidence and compassion; she wore a light pink gown that lifted her breasts close to her chin, expanding around her waist and falling to the ground delicately. I never met her officially before, but I knew of her existence very well. Queen Magnolia. Alpha King Sebastian’s stepmother. He stood beside me, tensing as she approached but he said nothing as she spoke. I couldn’t help but wonder how close their relationship was. “You are even more beautiful up close,” she breathed as she grasped my hands tightly in hers. “Are you hungry? I can have the cooks prepare you a meal!” I couldn’t even think about eating; we had just finished the wedding ceremony and we had plenty of food. I was stuffed, but I was also nervous which kept me f
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#Chapter 4 He didn’t do it
Hannah POV Alpha King Sebastian pulled himself off me; he was breathing rapidly, and he was looking around the room confused. He refused to meet my eyes. I lifted my head, panting hard and trying to maintain my breath. I was shivering and tried to cover my body with his blankets. He stumbled toward his dresser and paused; his head turned, and his eyes found me. They were scarlet; matching the color of the blood that stained his sheets. He curled his lip up and stared at me like he was going to lunge in my direction again. I braced myself for the impact, shielding my face and the fear that was clear in my tear-filled eyes. But the impact never came; instead, I heard the piercing scream of agony coming from his mouth across the room. I looked over and I saw blood pouring from his hand; he stabbed himself with a fork that was left on his dresser. He grabbed onto his wrist and cried out in pain as he released the fork from his hand. He panted heavily and beads of sweat formed on his fo
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#Chapter 5 Suspicious of luna
Hannah’s POV “She’s missing an earring.” Nora was right; in one ear she had the same silver earring as the one I was holding. Her eyes found mine and held them for a long while as I shakily lifted my hand to reveal her missing earring. “I found this,” I said in almost a whisper. “I heard you talking in the study. You said you weren’t anywhere near the library. So, why was your earring here?” She stayed silent for a long while; I could feel Caroline tensing from beside me. We were both out of our element, but I couldn’t allow the queen to accuse Sebastian of something he didn’t do. Without warning, she snatched the earring from my hand; her lips thinning as disapproval shot through her icy gaze. “Alpha King Sebastian didn’t kill that maid,” I told her, keeping my tone low. “You think you have things figured out here?” She asked, her voice darkening. “But you’re in for a rude awakening.” She said nothing more as she turned and walked out of the library. I was in for a rude awak
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#Chapter 6 Shopping at the boutique
Sebastian’s POV "No, I'm just ...... curious about her." “Ha, just curious?” “…Just curious.” He took a sip of water and pushed down the heat coming from his lower abdomen. Sebastian, you can control yourself. “Arnold, come in here for a second,” he called his Beta wolf into the study via mindlink. Beta Arnold was the only other wolf he truly trusted. Arnold arrived shortly after being called; nobody kept the wolf king waiting for fear of what he might do. Even if Arnold was a trusted Beta that worked closely with Sebastian, he wasn’t stupid enough to keep him waiting. “I can’t help but be suspicious about my new luna,” Sebastian admitted, meeting Arnold’s obeying, yet curious, eyes. “I need you to investigate her.” Naomi’s POV “Now that we are family, I think it’s only fair that we ask for a small share of your assets,” Naomi said into the phone, clutching it eagerly as she waited for a response on the other end. “Is that so?” Queen Magnolia said after a short pause. “We
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#Chapter 7 Bathroom chatter
Hannah’s POV “I had no idea she was your luna, your majesty…” the woman said, bowing her head as shame fell over her. Her body was visibly trembling, and she refused to meet my eyes. “It’s just a rule that…” “I don’t care what your excuse is. Apologize to my luna, now!” “I’m so sorry,” she said, lifting her gaze to meet mine. “Please… forgive me…” “This store should be open to the entire kingdom, not just Alphas, and Betas,” Sebastian said before I could say anything in response to her. “Yes, your majesty,” she said, bowing her head again. “I’m so sorry for being disrespectful.” “I won’t allow this kind of disrespect in my kingdom,” he growled. “Of course,” she breathed. “I promise, it will never happen again.” Her attitude had completely transformed; I couldn’t believe the kind of power Sebastian had over others. I watched their exchange with such awe; as did everyone else. “No…” he said. “It won’t. I’ll be sure of that going forward.” She met his eye with worry ev
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#Chapter 8 Confronted by the ex
Hannah's POV “I should go,” Amy stammered nervously as she brushed past us and exited the bathroom at a quick pace. I felt my face heating up as Sebastian continued to stare at me, amusement clear in his eyes. “I can explain,” I said softly; humiliated that he caught me speaking of his bed skills. A low laugh erupted from his throat as he made his way closer to me. What was he doing in the girl’s room anyway? Before I could open my mouth to ask, his hand was pressed against the wall behind me and his firm body was pressing against mine, pinning me to the wall. “What other skills of mine do you like?” He asked, his voice husky. My breathing was caught in my throat. What was he asking me right now? Was he being serious? “He smells so good,” Nora whispered, mesmerized by his nearness. “You want to kiss him, don’t you?” “We can’t…” I said to her; but she was right. His scent was so intoxicating and empowering. I wanted to press myself against him and feel the tenderness of hi
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#Chapter 9 The auction
Hannah's POV "Good." His voice was husky and sexy. I closed my and stood on my tippy toes as I pressed my mouth to his. His sexy full lips were slightly hooked. He raised his hand to hold the back of my head, and he kissed me back. Hard. (3 days later) “Liam!!” I screamed as Liam walked into the palace, followed by Alpha King Sebastian. I couldn’t believe he actually managed to get my brother out of the hospital and to the palace. Then again, he was the Alpha King and there wasn’t much if anything, he couldn’t do. I wondered if my father and Naomi knew that Liam wasn’t in the hospital anymore. I wanted to laugh at the thought of their faces once they realized they no longer had the upper hand over my brother’s life. But I was so emotional and happy to see Liam that I couldn’t contain myself. Tears sprung from my eyes as I wrapped my arms around my little brother. He was only 19 years old, a year younger than me, but he still had the mind of a child due to the disability he was b
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#Chapter 10 Food Cart
Sebastian's POV “It’s so beautiful,” Hannah breathed as Sebastian stood behind her, putting the necklace around her neck. Her cheeks were red as she turned to face him. “I’m afraid I can’t take this.” He stared around her serious and worried face with a frown. It was an antique necklace with a history of 500 years; she should be honored to have such a rare are gorgeous artifact. “I’m afraid I’ll only ruin it,” she admitted sheepishly, staring down at her feet. “Try taking it off if you dare,” he threatened coldly. … The car they rode in to get there was waiting for them as they left the auction. Lewis stood outside of the car with the doors open already. Sebastian allowed Hannah to enter the car first before he slid in beside her. A couple of the gamma soldiers were standing outside of the car and by their motorcycles, ready to accompany them and keep them protected from outside. Most of the drive was silent; Sebastian wondered if Hannah was still worried about owning such a nec
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