His Mischievous Plan

“Don’t just study the facts or people’s opinions, try to form your own opinions and think of an angle that would be appealing to the audience too,” Ace advised sternly.

“You’re right…” I whispered with a firm nod of my head.

He was probably right that I tend to get wrapped up in what other people thought rather than focusing on how I felt about things. We needed to come up with an angle and storyline from this trip, so I had to keep that in mind as well. It was clear that Ace was way more focused on the work than I was, and he probably had some ideas on the storyline proposal already. On the other hand, my mind was still pretty much blank.

The only thing that comforted me was that the trip had just started. There are still a couple more days for me to put my thoughts together and hopefully by then, my creative juices would help my brain come up with some unique and appealing ideas.

When we made it back to the hotel, I was more determined to get some work done rather than tired. T
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