Meeting Dante


I slowed down in my steps and craned my neck slightly to check if my father's men were following me.

Luckily for me, the coast was clear.

I sighed a breathe of relief, my legs picking up little pace as I started jogging down the street.

I had overheard my dad earlier in the morning instructing his goons to keep I and my sisters locked in today.

I had managed to leave the house unnoticed but why did my dad want us locked in?

I know it was normal for him to always limit my activities, I was used to all that but not my older sisters.

I was the caged bird and they were the free ones.

I wouldn't have been bothered if the rule only applied to me. It wasn't the first time that father prohibited my movements but for Leila and Vanessa, it was a completely new thing for them.

I was a naturally indoor kind of person but I also needed my space to just go out and chill.

The guards back at Moscow were no strangers to my schemes and tricky moves whenever Dad kept me locked in.

But why was dad so strict in his treatment of me? He never let me go out whenever I want to, scolded me for the little things and never let me air out my opinions.

A shaky breath pushed past my lips and I halted in my steps.

I would never find the answer to that question.

I decided to amble instead of jog and came across a dainty little coffee shop in the street.

It wouldn't be any harm to get some snacks. I sauntered inside, greeting the few customers that sat outside on the wooden patio chairs.

The interior was just like I thought it would be. It wasn't overly fancy to feel out of place. The decor was enough to make someone feel comfortable.

With wooden chairs and rounded tables decorating the interior and a rectangular glass case that was placed next to the counter of the shop which showcased samples of the various delectables and tasty edibles that the restaurant could provide, it left my mouth drooling.

The sweet aroma of varous pastries filled the entire shop, mild chatterings of the people creating the placid ambience.

The moment I took a seat, a waiter swiftly came over to my side.

A wide smile was fastened on to his face. With a pen and booklet on one hand, he proceeded to ask, "Hello ma'am what would you like to eat?"

I thought for a while before answering.

"I'll love some toast and coffee"

He quickly took down my orders and left. I focused on watching people walk into the restaurant and also people stroll outside.

I love calm mornings such as these.

I was seated close to the glass windows of the restaurant which gave me a good view of the outside.

It was not boisterous or animated just serene and peaceful.

"Um is this seat taken?" A soft masculine voice interrupted my thoughts.

I whipped my face to meet his and I smiled. "No. You can have a sit" I replied.

"Thank you" he smiled back which showed his dimples.

I accessed his features.

With pepper coloured hair that was a bit ruffled but still made him look stunning and green eyes that seemed very lovely to look into, high cheekbones and slightly red lips; he was pretty handsome.

"I think you are pretty too" he suddenly said taking me by surprise.

How did he know I was thinking of complimenting him too?

"How did you know I was thinking of complimenting you?" I asked immediately, my brows pulled together in sheer shock.

Was he some kind of mind reader?

"Well it showed all over your face that you were admiring me" he chortled.

"Not to sound cocky or anything" he added, a smirk sitting on his lips.


He nodded. My face immedately went beetroot red and I felt all the blood rush from my cheeks.

"You look even more cute now that you seem embarrassed" he laughed, putting his hand on his thighs.

"Stop complimenting me too much. I might start blushing fifty shades of pink" I teased with a lopsided grin.

"How can I stand not complimenting a pretty lady?" He cheekily leaned forward and asked.

"Oh please stop" I cried, bursting into laughter.

We both erupted into fits of laughter for a while before he introduced himself.

"I'm Theodore what about you?" He outstretched his hand for me in a handshake.

"Alina. Alina Federov" I replied taking his soft hands in mine.

"Russian yes?" He asked with a hiked brow.

How did he know?

"Seems someone has been studying all about Russia" I replied.

He shrugged his shoulders at me. "I love Russia. I grew up there actaully. I so much love the chilly Russian weather"

"So should I say you are Russian by naturalization?" I tilted my head to the side.

"Maybe" he gave me doting stares.

I liked this guy.

A waiter passed us by and he called for him.

"Um what would you love to eat Alina?" He inquired.

I shook my head at him. "I already ordered"

"Oh in that case just get me chocolate tea and waffles" he ordered.

"Man I'm starving. Where is my order?" I asked no one in particular, craning my neck to check the counter.

Fortunately, in about two minutes, a different waiter came with both our orders in a large silver spherical tray.

The delicious aroma of both cuisines mixing filled my nostrils and I just couldn't wait to start eating.

"You must have such a large appetite this morning" he laughed.

"You will be so amazed" I replied in between stuffing the food in my mouth.

"Alina means light. So it's safe to say you are the light in my world" He said to me.

My eyes widened at his remark and I almost choked on the food.

"Um sure" I gulped down on my tea.

"I believe we will be good friends Alina" he took a bite out of his waffles.

Did he see me as a friend already?

I smiled at him sheepishly.

"Of course"

* * * * * *

I sauntered back home. This morning had been so blissful to say the least.

I made such a good friend, Theodore. And he kept me company throughout if not I would have been so damn bored in there.

Not to mention his amazing sense of humour and ability to make butterflies within me with the slightest compliment.

Damn. Alina.

"Are you already falling for him?" I chided myself.

Spending time with him had robbed me off my time. I didn't even know it was already noon by the time we were done talking and taking multiple orders again and again.

Now walking back home, the bright sunny weather had been replaced by dark stormy clouds.

The sun that once brilliantly shone was now struggling to stay filtered through the grey clouds.

The wind had already begun blowing so eagerly, swaying posters along with it and trees along with it.

The rumbling sound of thunder could be heard and I knew the storm was coming very quickly and it would be heavy.

I quickened my steps only to feel little droplets of water drizzle down on me.

Within a minute, the real storm had settled in and people scampered for shelter.

Not finding anywhere else to go, I ran towards a shade in an alleyway.

Standing under the trampoline roofing of the small abandoned kiosk, I wrapped an arm around my body to stop myself from shivering.

Where did this damn rain come from?

I was alone for a while until a group of guys also approached the area, taking shade in the trampoline with me.

They were about three and I honestly began to feel uncomfortable .

"Pretty girl what are you doing out here all by yourself?" One asked me after a brief moment of silence.

I stood mute.

"The storm doesn't look like its ending anytime soon. You might as well have fun with us and let us keep you company" Another added, making them all cackle.

Disgusted by their remarks, I proceeded to walk out when one of them suddenly yanked me by the hand, almost drawing me back.

"Leaving so soon?"

I immediately kicked him in the groins causing him to howl in pain and letting go off my hand.

"Get your nasty hands off me"

Taking to my heels in an instant, the remaining two came after me.

The alleyway was deserted and the streets seemed deserted to.

I ran like my life depended on it under the rain without sparing a second glance back at the two dick heads after me.

Not taking observance of my surroundings, I almost ran into a car and my heart sank at once.

Coming to a sharp halt, the car doors were pushed open.

Now this person would either be my saviour or another devil.

Stepping down, my gaze landed on those same masculine men I met back in the club and this time, another was with them.

He stood out in the middle, tall with his dark hair almost covering half of his face.

"Hey little brat!" One of the men finally caught up to me.

My heart sank.

"Why are you after her?" A male voice asked.

"It's not your business" the second man snarled up behind him.

The men chuckled and glanced at themselves.

"Leave here now or else you will get your eyes blown out of their sockets" The one in the middle gravelly threatened.

What did he mean by that?

As if in answer to my question, he stylishly brought out a gun tucked behind his pants.

My knees almost caved in to the grounds and those two men seemed shocked as hell.

"Fine you have her anyways. Goodluck handling men with guns" one of them distastefully spat at me before they retreated.

Now it was just me and these men.

I didn't even wait to be told. I sharply pivoted the opposite way to leave when my hands were yanked back again.

Having a clear view of his face now, I realised he was the one I bumped into in the club.

"Where are you going?" He suddenly asked.

"Excuse me? Do you expect me to stay with men that have guns?" I retorted back, my legs itching to leave.

A wry smirk appeared on his face making him more dangerous and extremely hot at the same time.

His emerald eyes shone at me.

"Alina Federov, you bumped into me at the club and gave an unruly apology, now I saved you from getting assaulted and you can't even thank me"

How did he know my name?

I gasped, "How the hell do you know my name?"

Who were these men exactly?

"Believe me I know a lot more than your name my feisty little cat. You shouldn't walk away from me you know" he gave a dark chuckle.

"What do you want and what's the probability that you won't harm me now?You have a gun" I stated as a matter of fact.

"If I wanted to harm you baby girl, you would have been dead by now" He whispered to my ear.

"Well thank you for saving me to be honest"I added.

"Now let me go" I said through gritted teeth, snatching my hands from him.

"Proud bitch" I heard him say behind me.

My body had me demanding and in a sharp pivot, I faced him and his league of men.

"What did you call me?"

"Whatever you heard" he cockily replied, taunting me.

"Really?" I asked.

How dare he call me a proud bitch!? Who the fuck does he think he is.

My anger and annoyance soared and at once, my hands connected to his jaw in a slap.

"Learn how to talk to a woman!" I spat at him, matching his stare with my daunting orbs before leaving under the rain.

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