kidnapped by the mafia

kidnapped by the mafia

By:  Leah Al  Completed
Language: English
105 ratings
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Violet Anderson, a young artist, lived in LA with her best friend, Tracy Derwin. She was living a calm life and although she studied art, she was working in a small restaurant . Vincenzo Mercanti, a 26 years old bachelor, king of the mafia in both, USA and Italy, cold hearted, merciless killer that lived a wealthy life. One night, two incidents changed both their lives, when the mafia don wanted a little brunette to be his. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Who is she?" I asked my best man, Giovanni. "I don't know. I came here with you man." He replied rolling his eyes. "I want her." I said. "What?" He turned abruptly and looked at me. "Bring her to me Gio or I'll kill you myself." I shot him a cold glare. "Okay."

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Style of Nique
I love this book
2024-06-05 13:04:06
user avatar
Clara Nicolas
absolutely loved it. I highly recommend it :)
2024-05-01 16:55:21
default avatar
Orellabac Nywram
I love the story it sounds like realistic
2024-04-10 22:20:18
user avatar
CeCe Fuentes
2 best book
2024-02-09 11:30:24
default avatar
Bre Rivera
Well written novel from beginning to end. Did not disappoint in any ways,the story build up was very well played & never a dull moment. Just when you think you got it, you don’t there was a whole mystery without even knowing it. A few grammar errors but can’t complain. It’s a must read
2023-12-17 15:25:00
user avatar
Best book I have read yet ...
2023-12-14 14:37:22
user avatar
Shirley Perkins
Awesome thank you
2023-09-23 02:19:51
default avatar
I wish that it was in book form so that I could get it.
2023-09-07 02:15:24
default avatar
Ash C
Such a great book! Definitely worth reading
2023-07-22 03:39:53
default avatar
What a great story. I loved the characters, their interaction, as they become a family and the store line in general. The plot twists keep you turning the page! It’s a beautiful story that you hope never ends,
2023-06-24 19:04:01
default avatar
I literally read this more than 10x. lol. Never wanted this book to end
2023-06-15 10:39:07
default avatar
Danielle Tyrrell
A book I didn’t want to end, always keeping you on your toes with lots of plot twists. Loved the whole book beginning to end and worth the read. Wish there were more stories from the author.
2023-05-11 18:59:07
default avatar
Loved the story. I wanted more. But happy with the ending. I’ll miss them!! Thank you.
2023-02-08 21:58:42
user avatar
Best book I’ve read so far! There’s a few places where the story line is a bit slow but definitely worth the read. Enjoy!!
2022-11-24 02:07:39
user avatar
wonderful maria it.. i'll remember vin n violet for a moment..
2022-10-17 19:47:23
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85 Chapters
chapter 1: Violet
"V! Table number 5." My best friend Tracy said. "Okay I'll take care of it." I smiled at her taking my pen and the menu. "Thank you. I'm exhausted." She sighed and sat on the stool. "Take a break Tracy and eat something you've been running around since the morning." She smiled at me gratefully and went to the kitchen. I walked towards table number 5. A family formed of the mother, the father and two kids were chatting happily. I smiled at them. "Hello. I'm Violet, your waitress. Are you ready to order?" I asked them. The little girl smiled at me and looked at her mother waiting for her to order. "Hello Violet. Yes we're ready.
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chapter 2: Vincenzo
Violet's POV "What the hell are you doing here Derek?" I sighed. Derek was my boyfriend. He was actually my first one and we were in love with each other. But Derek started getting involved with the wrong people so I had to cut ties with him to protect myself. I just wasn't ready to risk everything for a boy that I knew would leave me someday. "V I want to amend things. Please just listen to me." He said desperately. "I know I fucked up big time but I need you again Violet!" "Listen Derek. I really have moved on. I can't go back with you. Last time we saw each other you hit me! You became aggressive after you got involved in the gang. Please leave me alone and go live your life." I really didn't want to go
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chapter 3: Movie night
Violet's POV "I'll clean the table while you close the front door." I told Tracy. She nodded and went to lock the door. "I'm glad this day is over." She sighed. "Indeed it was a busy day." I said sighing from this day. It was eventful and I was glad it was over. "V about Derek-" "Don't. I don't want to hear it. Derek is in the past." I told her. "Are you done girls?" Mr. Hardyn said. Mr Hardyn was the owner of Hardyn's dinner, the restaurant we work in. He is a kind old man that pays us a good amount. We helped him since he started this restaurant and
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chapter 4: kidnapped
Violet's POV "Rise and shine." I screamed as I jumped on Tracy's sleeping body. "Why are you always so chirpy when you wake up?" Tracy grumbled. Today was a special day for me. It was Tracy's birthday. She always loved how we both celebrated together alone but today I had a special surprise for her. Her father was coming to see her and we are throwing her a big surprise. I know she loves the surprises I make but this one is special. I have been saving money for her birthday and I finally bought her the car she always wanted. "Come on birthday girl. Wake up and get dressed. We have work." I smirked and she opened one eye to look at me. "Wait." She jumped up from the bed and looked at me with disbelief. "Today's my birthday already?" She screamed. "Yes. Finally you're 24 little girl." I laughed and ruffled her hair. "Shut up you're only 7 months older than me." She rolled her eyes and smiled at her.
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Chapter 5: meeting
Violet's POV   I woke up with a killing headache. I'm trying to open my eyes, but my head would hurts more every time I do it. When I managed to open my eyes light greeted me.    I looked around me and saw that I was laying on a bed. It was a strange bedroom. I've never been here before. The room was huge, the bed was king sized, everything was in white. Whoever kidnapped me must be billionaire.   WAIT! Kidnap!   "HELP!" I screamed and ran to the door and started hitting on it and screaming.    "Calm down." Someone said calmly behind me and I shivered and halted.    "Who are you?" I asked the silhouette standing in the dark corner.    I know that it's a man but I can't see his face. His voice is rough and I was being held captive.   
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Chapter 6: mission
Violet's POV    "My name is Gretta. I can help you with whatever you need." The kind maid said.    "Thank you Gretta. I only need a bath. You can leave."    "But Vincenzo sir sai-" I cut her off.    "Vincenzo can go die for all I care." I said and entered the massive bathroom closing the door forcefully behind me.   "Miss Violet-"    "Go away Greta!" I yelled and seconds later I was finally left alone.   I got out and saw a pair of jeans with an off shoulder white shirt. I put them on and combed my hair, until someone knocked on my door. 
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Chapter 7: Deals
Vincenzo's POV "Wakey wakey." Giovanni sang as he threw a bucket of water at Elijah. He bolted up with a gasp and looked at us with wide eyes. "Hello there." Paolo smirked. "H-how did you find me?" He snarled. "Easy actually. You should thank us for saving your ass." Mario laughed. "Back to business." My face was cold and everyone sobered up. "Why did you want to kill me?" I sent him a hard glare. "I didn't want to kill you." I raised an eyebrow. "The master did. He wanted you dead. Wanted to take your place and be on top." He smirked and Erico punched him. "Felt the need to do that." Erico said and I nodded. "Who is this master?" I asked slamming my fist on his face too."Do you think that if I spoke for him he would show me his face? He's a fucking coward. Not even I know his face. He always have a mask on. That bastard! He got me in this situation." He muttered to himself. "So what? Are we supposed to believe you?" Giovanni snarled takin
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Chapter 8: danger in the party
Violet's POV    "Let's go have dinner now. Everyone is waiting for us." Vincenzo smirked and opened the door for me to exit.    "I don't want to see anyone." I replied with a glare.    "No can do princess." His stare was cold. Just like his heart.    "Leave me alone! You threaten me and my friends and you will force me to do whatever the hell that you want." I took a step away from him. Vincenzo laughed.    "You know princess. I will have fun breaking you." He winked at me, but I didn't understand what he means.    "What do you mean?" I asked but he ign
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Chapter 9: police
Vincenzo's POV    "Shit! Who the fuck is firing these bullets?" I yelled shooting someone aiming his gun at us.    "I still don't know." Giovanni said taking his phone from his back pocket.    "Erico protect Violet at all costs." Erico nodded and headed towards her.    "Paolo said they are the police!" Giovanni had a hard look on his face.   Usually we tried to avoid coming in contact with the police. Especially detective Johns. He was on our tail, waiting for us to make a small mistake so he could see me behind the bars.    "Come on we must leave the scene." I ordered and he nodded. I took my phone
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Chapter 10: Boyfriend and girlfriend
Violet's POV  "Wake up!" I ignored the person trying to wake me for the last 5 minutes. I was so annoyed and tired.  "Go away." I mumbled hugging the pillow tightly. Trying to ignore this person.  "Violet, there is no time for this you have to wake up. Tracy is here to see you." I jumped at the mention of Tracy and I turned pale.  Did Vincenzo hurt her?  Is she okay? "Tracy? What is Tracy doing here?" I asked Greta with wide eyes.  "Boss brought her to see you. Apparently last night was bad. She's fine don't worry." I sighe
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