Finalising the deal


Father's word still resonated in my ears every passing second.

This was the height of it all.

I had no issue in him taking away my freedom of movement but this concerned my future.

His insane idea was going to be lethal to my life. How could he just decide to get me married to Dante without consulting me?

Not anybody else but he was forcifully putting me up with his rival!

Didn't he care for me!?

This felt like I was on a death row. I know how cruel Dante is. I have heard countless stories about him and I don't need any sooth sayer to tell me that my future and my life was in danger if I went ahead to get married to Dante.

I screamed through out the entire night, thrashed around my room and cried for hours in a bid to relieve the pain but it only seemed to get worse.

Not only did I get a throbbing migraine, my worries only grew worse.

Why is father doing this to me?

My tears know no boundary and my eyes are weak from sobbing incessantly and uncontrollably.

Why am I always at the recieving end? Why!?

"Oh mother! I need you" I crumbled once again into tears in my pillow.

"Father wants me to get married to Dante but I don't want to do it. He treats me like I'm not his daughter" I spoke in a whisper, my voice croak.

Raising my tear stained face up, I slowly took the frame of my mother that stood on the bed stand and stared at her beautiful smiling face.

If she was here, I know she would have had my back and talked father out of this.

"Oh mother I miss you" I cried even harder, pressing the frame against my chest.

"Why did you have to leave me?"

Memories of my mother took over my thoughts, my mind wandering back to the way she would always alley my fears and worries whenever I was scared.

A faint smile crept on to my face amidst my tears.

A rapid knock on the door got me gasping. I knew what the information was.

"Alina, come downstairs now. Dante is here and father demands your presence" The acrimonious voice of Vanessa informed me.

"I'm coming" I sighed.

I heard her footsteps retreating and I focused my attention back at mother's potrait.

"You've always told me of how much I am a strong woman. So for you I'll be strong. I love you mother" I concluded before carefully placing the frame back on to the bed stand.

Pondorously, I stood up and cleaned my face with my palms before applying light powder and a nude lipstick.

I was falling apart but I won't let them see it. I attempted to hide my eyebags using makeup before styling my hair with decorative pins.

Squirting my favourite vanilla scented perfume, I sauntered downstairs.

My hands grazed against the walls of the hallway as it neared the stairs.

I gripped on to the railings and gracefully walked down the stairs.

My wedge heels made minimal clicking sounds as it brushed against the floors.

Catching every one's attention, all eyes were stationed as I alighted from the stairs.

I saw some distinct faces but shook the sudden anxiousness and anxiety creeping in, reminding myself it couldn't be who I thought it was.

My hopes were all crushed by the wind the moment I stepped down and my eyes spotted those familair emerald eyes.

What the hell!?

Was he Dante?

"You?" I almost exclaimed.

"You know him? You two have met?" My father inquired.

I was beyond speechless and had my tongues tied at a reply.

"Well quite a few times Mr Nikolia. Alina here is quite feisty you know" Dante grinned.

My father let out a rich chuckle.

"Alina meet Dante and his capos and Dante meet my daughter Alina. I'm glad you two had met before. It saves us time from the formalities"

I watch Dante stand and saunter towards me, his towering height covering my entire profile.

"Nice to meet you Alina" he extended a hand shake for me.

I grabbed it and suppressed my discomfort. "The pleasure is all mine"I replied with my tongue in cheek before letting go and taking a seat.

Oh my God!

So the man I bumped into and I slapped was Dante Morelli.

Unending knots got tied up in my stomach and my heart palpitated.

If he tells father that I slapped him, I will be done for.

Throughout the discussion, I stayed mute and allowed my dissaray thoughts run wild.

I only gave a nod whenever I deemed it fit. I can't believe this man sitting right in front of me is Dante.

Oh heavens. If we do end up together, I bet he would make me pay for everything I did to him.

But then why would he accept to marry me? I have been nothing but unfriendly towards him and I even slapped him.

Clearly he wouldn't accept father's offer.

I tried telling myself that to calm my pulse and heart beat but my worries only soared especially as those watchful emerald orbs repeatedly glanced my way.

Time and time again, I would catch Dante staring at me with those alluring eyes of his and I'll be forced to ignore his stares.

It irritated me so much. I felt like hitting him.

"Why don't you go out for a walk with Dante since you both already know each other?" My father suggested at me.

"That wouldn't be necessary Nikolia" Dante declined to my relief.

"We will have lots of time getting to know each other when we finally get married" he added.

My breathing caged in my lungs and my heart sank to my knees.

"What!?" I exclaimed.

"I accept your offer Don. I want Alina" Dante announced, ignoring my shocked self.

My jaws were left hanging and I turned to face my dad who had a triumphant look carved on his face.


"You can't allow that father" I quickly interrupted him.

"Why can't I? Can't you see that this is for the good of this family?!" Annoyance played my father's voice.

"I can't. All I see are my rights being taken from me" I retorted back.

"Alina if you turn down this alliance just be prepared for the blood bath because I will make sure I avenge my parents death down to the last Fedorov" Dante balefully threatened me.

Was he really playing that card now?

Time in the universe seemed to come to a halt as the tension in the atmosphere grew.

"Mr Dante Morelli are you really threatening me to get married to you?" I asked, staring at him eyeball to eyeball.

"Try me" he replied with a maniac grin.

"Ok fine. I accept this alliance but I want a signed document stating that if you should ever you lay your hands on me or hit me then I'll get your testicles surgically removed" I requested.

"What?" My sisters blurted out.

Even my father was shocked by my request.

Atleast, I needed to make sure I would never experience any form of domestic violence and beatings from Dante.

"Dante she wants your testicles in return" One of his men almost laughed.

Dante nodded. "You will have the document written and signed in black and white"

This was it. I had forcefully agreed to marry Dante in order to spare my family of gun brawls.

My marriage had been finalised.

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